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RUSH: Here’s Bobby in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Hi, Bobby. I got about one minute here but I know you can squeeze it in.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Rush, mega Semper Fi dittos from Lancaster Pennsylvania.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to say, whether they know it or not, the left has bestowed upon you a great honor by calling you a ‘microphone Marine,’ and let me tell you why: because you exemplify all the qualities that make a Marine. As a former Marine myself, I can say you are highly motivated; you are accurate with your weapon of choice — which happens to be the EIB microphone — you lecture a baptism of fire instead of Boot Camp by starting this radio program; and you’re fighting our enemies from within, our domestic enemies. And they can write my boss a letter if they want to, because I’m calling them — Conyers, Pelosi, Reid, and all the rest of them — ‘phony Americans,’ because they say they’re Americans, but they don’t back it up.

RUSH: God, that was great. Golly, gosh that was great! I thank you. That is a ‘microphone Marine,’ and it’s a proud thing to be, a microphone Marine. Absolutely! By the way, we’re up to 56 grand at eBay.

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