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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, question, can anyone who is smeared by Harry Reid on one issue and smeared by Nancy Pelosi on another issue, be all that bad? Listen to this.

PELOSI: For those who have chosen to make an attack on a family, which has benefited from SCHIP by impugning their good intentions and their integrity is beneath the dignity of this debate.

RUSH: (crying)

PELOSI: Hate radio has made a vicious attack on the Frost family, a family which is involved in a very serious automobile accident injuring two of its children who are SCHIP recipients.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s the point, they’re already SCHIP recipients. She’s got ’em out there claiming they wouldn’t get covered unless Bush gave you what you want. The current program covered this family. By the way, I need to apologize here to Michelle Malkin. I think Michelle Malkin was the first to dig up the financial truth about the Frost family. But Pelosi is smearing me. I’m sorry, Michelle, for hogging the credit from you. I had nothing to do with this. I did not call Pelosi’s office and say, ‘Please, please, please, hit me.’ But if you go back and listen to the bite here, impugning their good intentions and their integrity? What has Ms. Pelosi and her party been doing to the military personnel serving in Iraq for the past four years? Impugning their integrity and their good intentions, and, of course, what did that do to the dignity of the debate over the war in Iraq? And hate radio? Nobody made a vicious attack on the Frost family. Ms. Pelosi, there was no attack. This is what I mean by these people, liberals, cannot flourish unless they have a monopoly. They would love to be able to make you believe that the Bush administration doesn’t want kids like the Frost kids to get help when they already got it from the very program. The president dealt with this in a press conference today, he said, ‘Look, 500,000 poor kids are not presently covered. I want to increase the bill so that those 500,000 are covered.’ Big deal, that’s what it is, it’s a poor children’s health care bill.

Ms. Pelosi wants everybody to believe that hate radio is destroying — by hate radio, she means me. Let’s be honest here, you know it and I know it. But we didn’t attack the family; we just informed people who the family is. That’s what they can’t deal with. They can’t deal with truth; they can’t deal with facts. They present these little shows, parading kids or seasoned citizens around or whoever, and in the old days they used to get away with that. No when they boldface lie and misrepresent things, people are here to call ’em on it, and they lash out at people like me: ‘You hateful guy.’ Why? We’re not attacking anybody, Ms. Pelosi, we are simply demonstrating that you don’t tell the truth about things. Boy, there’s nothing, when you expose liberal lies, which is something we could do all day because liberalism is a lie, folks, it is a lie. So let her go ahead and get mad. Now I got both of them mad at me, Pelosi and Dingy Harry.

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