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RUSH: So yesterday when I left the EIB Building in Midtown Manhattan, the eBay auction, the high bid was $65,100 for the Harry Reid Smear Letter, signed by Senator Reid and 40 other co-conspirators — Senators. I got home at 4:30 in the afternoon. I had to pack and get ready for dinner last night. I fired up the computer, and it was at a hundred thousand. I said, ‘Whoa!’ I knew the action would pick up as we got closer to the deadline, which is 25 hours from now, one o’clock tomorrow is when the auction ends on eBay. Now it’s currently at $117,300, and the way eBay works, let me explain this. A lot of you people are worried, a couple of you have called and some have sent e-mails, you’re worried that a George Soros type could come in, bid 20 million, and break my bank. Are you afraid of that, too, Brian? All right, well, let me give you a hypothetical as it has been explained to me, this is how it works.

The bid right now that you see when you go to eBay is $117,300. It could be that somebody’s already bid 20 million. It could be that somebody has bid one million, but eBay only adds $100 increments as necessary for that high bidder to stay the high bidder. So if it was 117,100 and somebody came in and bid a hundred dollars to bid it up to one hundred seventeen two, then the mysterious somebody may have already bid a million or 20, whatever that you are afraid of, they would take a hundred from that bid of 20 million, make it $117,300. So if the high bidder is 20 million but the next high bid is, say, $200,000, then the letter will go for $200,100. It will not go for the full 20 unless somebody bids it up, but you gotta be able to prove that you can pay it. So don’t sweat it, folks. Everything is cool. I think the action is going to heat up during the day today, the afternoon and night and tomorrow morning, because you know the big money still sitting aside. The big money is starting to come in now. They didn’t get in early because they didn’t want to bid it up any higher than they had to.

Have you noticed, ladies and gentlemen, something I’m very proud of, and I want to be very honest about this. To anybody who doubts the greatness of this country — and, by the way, have you heard people say, I’ve gotten a couple of e-mails from people who said they heard on television; I haven’t myself heard this — that I am debasing these 41 senators? Have you heard that anywhere? I haven’t either, but I’ve got some notes from people who say they have. They have debased themselves. Yeah, I’m not debasing them. If you doubt the greatness of this country, when a kid from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, population when I was growing up, 25,000, can withstand a smear from 41 United States senators, and without the help and the assistance of the Drive-By Media, expose the smear and counter it and come out on top of it, this, my friends, is a great country. It leads me to a point. I was reading one of the New York papers, it might have been the Daily News, and there was this little blurb in there about some model who was auctioning off some article of clothing for some great cause, and it raised $48,000, and everybody was going wacko, nuts, ‘What a great moment of giving; what a tremendous moment of charity.’

We are on the cusp here of getting close to $120,000 for the Harry Reid letter. Not a mention in the Drive-By Media. Fox News Channel’s been pretty good on this, but nowhere else. And yet, it’s $117,300. You know that they are all fuming about this. The Drive-Bys are fuming about it. You know Harry Reid has to be angry about this. You just know it. There’s a little pleasure that I’m allowing myself to derive. I don’t know it, but I know it. I don’t have any proof, but he’s going to be upset about this. This is the last thing he wants. These guys sit there in their power chairs in the Senate and they write this letter and they send it down to Mark Mays at Clear Channel, and they think everybody’s going to go huddle in the corner and cower and be frightened and so forth. (laughing) It’s up on eBay and nobody’s buying their premise, by the way, that their accusation is right about me. So it’s been a tremendous amount of fun. I’m struck by the fact that we’re raising a lot of money for a tremendous military charity, and we’ve done this, folks, without the Drive-By Media, we’ve done this without ’em. And they’re not going to mention it because it’s just tearing them up. It’s just eating ’em up.

You couple this with the dismal failures of the US Congress, the Democrats running both the House and the Senate, from the Armenian genocide thing to the lack of being able to get us out of Iraq, now the Democrats in both houses have totally caved on the FISA bill. Bush has gotten everything he wants. They pulled the bill from the House, because it was so bad and the Senate has finally said, ‘Look, we can’t get what we want here.’ So they’re full of bluster. They huff and puff and they tell everybody what they’re going to do, and the Drive-By Media covers it as though it’s going to happen simply because the Democrats say they’re going to do it. But none of it does happen. Some of the most ineffective leadership that the Democrats have had and have offered as Senate majority leader and speaker of the House in my lifetime, maybe the worst pair that has ever led those institutions, those Democrats. They get done none of what they say they’re going to get done. The Drive-Bys run around and talk about it as though it’s going to get done, or has gotten done, simply because the Democrats say they’re going to do it. And Bush, supposedly a lame duck, is running rings around them, and so are we. All of you and all of us here are running rings around these senators who signed this letter.

I want to thank everybody that has bid on this and helped support it. A lot of the EIB affiliates across the country are making a big deal out of this, for the cause, the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. It has just been a hoot. But it’s a great country, folks, that we’re able to do this without one mention. In fact, about the Drive-Bys — I’ve made this point before, but I want to make it again — go back to the original moment on the Senate floor when Dingy Harry reads his letter and then issues a press release about his letter, then sends his letter. The Drive-Bys did not cover it, because they knew that what was in the letter, accusing me of being critical of soldiers, was a no-go. They can’t make that stick. But doesn’t that mean, in a sane political environment, that some reporter somewhere, just one, you think they’re not monolithic, just one would consider the fact that it might be newsworthy that the Senate majority leader and 40 cohorts write a letter to my syndication partner, filled with lies, a smear letter, try to get my syndication partner to get me to shut up, they know it’s bogus and they don’t do a story.

Where’s the headline: ‘Senate Majority Leader Smears American Citizen and Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh; Sends Letter to Syndication Partner’? Where is that? It’s nowhere, which means they’re just waiting for one of these things to stick that they can come after me with. So while the New York newspapers praise these pop culture ditzes for auctioning off a brassiere, or whatever it was, for $48,000 for some stupid charity and go gaga over it — oh, it’s so wonderful! — here we are generating — and, remember, I’m going to match this. So the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation already has $234,600, based on the bid as it is at this moment.

We have a lot to do on the program, and great, great stuff here in the stacks of stuff, so sit tight, take a brief time-out, come out and let you — oh, before we go to the break, I want you to hear audio sound bite number one because I mentioned that Fox News has been extremely, extremely good about this, and they talked about this again this morning. They asked me back, and I couldn’t do it. I didn’t get home ’til four o’clock. I had a late dinner in New York. I went with Ann Coulter and Jimmie J. J. Walker — remember from Good Times, ‘Dyn-o-mite!’ We went into the belly of the beast. We went to Elaine’s for dinner last night and had a raucous good time. I got into the house about four o’clock. So I knew it was going to be a late night. But here’s how they handled it this morning. What we have here, we’ve got Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, and Alisyn Camerota.

CAMEROTA: So now Rush has taken this letter, and he’s put it up for auction.

DOOCY: Brilliant.

CARLSON: And guess what it’s up to? Oh, good, you can see it on the screen, $117,000 has been the latest bid on eBay. Tomorrow the bidding closes, Brian.

DOOCY: Yeah. And Al–

KILMEADE: And the attaché case actually goes along with that, and it’s from Halliburton, that controversial company many people–

CAMEROTA: Okay, but here’s my question.

DOOCY: Yes, ma’am.

CAMEROTA: Steve, you’re a tax accountant.

DOOCY: Yeah.

CAMEROTA: The person who pays $117,000 for it, they can’t deduct it as charity, right? Only Rush can. That’s not a charitable deduction by that person?

DOOCY: No, because it’s a donation to the Marines. It’s a donation to one of the Marines charities —

CAMEROTA: That’s where the money will go.

DOOCY: Absolutely. And Rush Limbaugh is going to match the cash. So let’s say it goes for $150,000 — or let’s say $200,000. Rush is going to match it, that means $400,000 into that great charity run by the Marines.

KILMEADE: How much does Rush make a year?

DOOCY: Uh, plenty.

CAMEROTA: A little bit more than that.

DOOCY: Absolutely plenty.

RUSH: It always gets down to that, doesn’t it? (laughter)


RUSH: I just checked the eBay total, and we are up to $130,100 for the Harry Reid Smear Letter, and the Halliburton attaché case that is at present housing and protecting that letter. You’ll also get a signed official thank-you letter from me, the winner will, high bidder, and a picture of me unveiling, for the first time in public, the Dingy Harry letter on stage a week ago tonight in Philadelphia at the Academy of Music. By the way, people have been asking me, and this is a good question, they’ve been asking me about, ‘Are you going to make the whole video available?’ I thought we were going to have it earlier this week. (24/7 Members Only: Watch It Here) I know we’ve got it because we have the video of me actually making the presentation. I will check into that and see what the status is of making the video of the entire speech. The audio and the transcript are up there. There’s a story, ladies and gentlemen. Well, I’ll save this for the next hour because don’t have time to do the update theme. We have a feminist update coming up.

Let me grab this call, Lee in Oklahoma City, glad you called, sir, nice to have you on the program.

CALLER: Dittos, Mr. Limbaugh. You’re a great American.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Thank you very much for taking my call.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: On the Senate letter and the eBay auction I just want to put a plea out to whoever wins that thing to immediately put it back up and cycle it through for 41 undivided interest owners over the next 41, 42 weeks, whatever it takes, keep it up there, eventually it will become a news story. The undivided interest owners, once they all come together, could send that thing to the Supreme Court and ask the Senate and House boss, the Supreme Court, to issue their opinion about what —

RUSH: Nah, nah, that wouldn’t happen. Supreme Court wouldn’t touch this. If anything, the Smithsonian might be interested in it someday. Whoever is going to be the high bidder on this is going to be paying a pretty high price, and I don’t think the high bidder is going to want to recirculate this, because then, after that, who gets the letter? If they wanted to do that, they could just make that donation to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. Don’t worry, this is going to pop, the Drive-By Media. But look, folks, this was my point at the beginning of the program. It doesn’t matter. We’re doing this without the Drive-By Media. That’s the great thing about this. We have turned this attempted smear based on a total fabrication and lie, we have turned it totally around on them. Here you have 41 United States Senators sign a letter that is based on a lie, the letter itself filled with falsehoods, it is sent to my syndication partner, the whole point is to intimidate both of us, Mark Mays at Clear Channel and me, and look where this is without one push from the Drive-By Media. You think that doesn’t irritate them?

They hope that ignoring this thing will make it seem like nobody knows it’s going on, but this is not the case. So, you know, learn what I have learned. Don’t seek validation in the Drive-By Media. Don’t seek them covering it as a sign of success. We’ve got robust success here without them. That’s the story. By the same token, don’t look to the Drive-By Media to ever start liking conservatives and giving them a fair shake. Ain’t going to happen. They lost their monopoly. They’re livid, they’re angry about it. They’re not going to treat conservatives and Republicans ever with the same idolatry and respect and sainthood-like-approaches that they do the Democrats, just isn’t going to happen. If you look for that as a measure of success and happiness, you are going to be forever disappointed.


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