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RUSH: Peggy, out on Long Island, hi, welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi. Hi, honey. Listen, I would follow you to the end of the world, and over the cliff, I’d do anything, but please, please do something for me. Stop doing Hillary sound bites.

RUSH: Why?

CALLER: Why give your splendid audience to her, please, there’s no point to it, it’s so aggravating. She doesn’t have an audience like that, and you’re presenting it to her by playing her sound bites, and Pelosi as well. I’m not alone. I mean, a lot of us get together and talk about it, and we really wish you’d think about it before you do — I know why you do it, but honestly —

RUSH: Well, tell me, why do I do it?

CALLER: Well, because you think you’re showing us what a despicable human being she is and how untrustworthy, et cetera. But there’s also people listening — and, Rush, at the same time as all us good Republicans, conservative people, and we have to listen to that. I’ve got to the point where, when you’re going to do a Hillary sound bite, I just shut it off until it’s over and —

RUSH: No. No, no, no, no, no. Don’t do that. You don’t even know when it’s going to be over. You can’t do that.

CALLER: I don’t, I have to take that chance. But don’t give away this beautiful audience to her. She hasn’t got an audience like that —

RUSH: Do you really think that playing Hillary sound bites is going to create Hillary converts and voters in this audience?

CALLER: I think there’s people out here that that might happen with, yeah, I do.

RUSH: Even with my expert commentary in front and back of each sound bite?

CALLER: I love that. I just don’t want to hear her, and I want to tell you something. I’m sure you remember who Bill Casey was, Bill Casey, Bill Clark, and Reagan. And Bill Casey’s daughter said to me not too long ago, she said, ‘Peggy, without talk radio we’d be lost.’ And this is the most egregious thing they’ve ever done to try and put you off. You turned a whole election. You’re the best. You understand how to get to the real nut of the situation. You’re a wonderful political analyst, in my book. And I just don’t want to see you wasting any of your time playing these terrible people’s speeches and talk. How, in the name of God, have we got these two people back again with Clinton? It’s the end of democracy. She’s going to send him out as ambassador of the world, and she’s going to be the president of the greatest nation on this planet? My God, what a terrifying thought.

RUSH: Peggy, Peggy, let me get a word in here.

CALLER: (laughter)

RUSH: A question. If you don’t want me playing her sound bites, do you not want me quoting her, either?

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: She’s going to be the presidential nominee of the Democrat Party, most likely.

CALLER: I know it.

RUSH: I can’t ignore this.

CALLER: I don’t expect you to. No, I’m sorry. I don’t expect you to. I just cannot bear that sniveling, phony baloney sound bite.

RUSH: All right, can we do a little test here?


RUSH: I want to play a Hillary sound bite that I had next in order — actually, number 11, Mike — I want you to listen to it with me.


RUSH: Don’t turn it off, because we have chosen this as a means of illustrating — remember, we set this all up today: Hillary, what is she qualified to do? Her expertise is investigating, smearing, and destroying the women in her husband’s life, and cattle futures. That’s it. All this talk about she’s qualified to fix the health care business and run the oil companies, so many false premises here that have to be debunked. We have to get people thinking of her, and most every other liberal Democrat, in a totally different way. So what I’m trying to do here is illustrate that what she says, it changes every day, it changes sometimes every hour, depending on what the issue is, but she really doesn’t say anything. When she talks about her accomplishments, it’s who she’s supported, who she’s talked to, the fights that she’s had and she’s won, but she doesn’t have a résumé that she can cite, and we have to point this out.

I think the whole aura of Hillary Clinton, we’ve got a year to do this, has to be reestablished. It’s gotta be shattered, this inevitability, the most eminently qualified of all candidates to be president. All of this is a pure, 100% joke. So to play these sound bites is not to dissect her policy, by policy, by policy. It’s to illustrate basically how she’s presenting herself as pretty vacuous. She will not take a substantive stand on much of anything other than taking the oil company profits. She’s got all kinds of positions on the Iraq war. Listen to this bite last night on TV One’s One on One. Cathy Hughes is the host here: ‘People are really beginning to see you in different light, and they come away raving about your brilliance. But, most importantly, I think they came away feeling your warmth. I don’t think that was accurately portrayed when you were the first lady. The commercial that you and your husband, the president, did, which was a parody of a popular TV show, was like, ‘Oh, my God, play that again.’ It was a great spot.’

Now, you see, this Cathy Hughes has to be in on the whole Hillary gang. The whole theme this week in the Drive-By Media and the Hillary campaign is, ‘Why, women actually like her, why, she’s warm, why, she’s friendly.’ She’s got 49% negatives! They’re trying to create a friendly persona out of somebody who doesn’t have it. So these questions are asked to create the impression in the audience’s mind that all of this is happening. Now listen to Mrs. Clinton’s answer to this stunning revelation that she’s being seen in a different light.

HILLARY: Well, people loved it, because — you know, I think there’s such a sense of almost despair and discouragement about our current president and vice president. People are feeling so beat down by all the problems we have in the world. We also have to love the process again. We’ve gotta feel good about our democracy and each other. We’ve gotta rebuild relationships, and a little bit of fun goes a long way. You know, we have a budget deficit, we have a compassion deficit, and we have a fun deficit right now. And I’m going to try to, you know, fill all three of those.

RUSH: All right. Now, Peggy —


RUSH: — did you make it through the whole bite?

CALLER: I heard the whole bite. But I heard what you said first, and that was a heck of a lot more important to me and important to the people who believe as you do, as we do. And I just cannot bear to —

RUSH: All right, I get the point. This bite to me was so — ‘We’ve got to love the process again,’ the process of government? We’ve got a budget deficit that is shrinking big time, which this bite gives me a chance to point out in showing she’s not being truthful, and a fun deficit? Where was the substance in any of this? This was just all Oprahesque.

CALLER: If you hopped in after every one of those ridiculous lies and pretenses and made your comment then, but to play the whole thing is —

RUSH: Okay, all right, it’s about time for me to say during this call, ‘I was wrong.’ Okay, so you like the start-stop mechanism, after every point stop the tape, make a point, just don’t give her unfettered time. I understand your frustration. She’s a New Yorker, too, folks. And they have a special, special relationship with Mrs. Clinton, those who did not vote for her.

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