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Rush’s Morning Update: Reassurance
October 19, 2007

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Well, we’ve got some new research here, folks,about parentingconducted by a University of Illinois professorette –Dr. Nancy McElwain — and her colleagues. Now, the long and short of the study is thatmoms and dads who offerlots of support and reassurance whenever their young crumb crunchers express negative emotionsmay actually be stunting the children’s ability to mature emotionally. Parents who offer a lower level of support enable their kids to learn how to handle life’s ups and downs for themselves, and to develop the resources they need to cope.

My gosh, folks! I mean, there’s so much here that extends beyond “parenting.” These results undermine the entire premise of liberalism: that individuals are incapable of handling life’s obstacles on their own, and need Big Government — and day-care centers –to provide support and reassurance at every turn (then they grow up and watch Oprah!). If your crumb crunchers need breakfast or lunch, you can’t handle it –the governmenthas toprovide it. Need health care for the kids? No problem!Government should provide it– even if you make 80 grand a year, and can afford to send the kids to private school. Want to retire? You can’t without the “support and reassurance” of Social Security. The government might even provide you a 2% cost-of-living raise… if you’re lucky.

From cradle to grave, liberals insist on “helping” you: providing support, reassurance, a handout…even if their “help” continues to produce millions of immature, pampered, coddled, chickified adults who are incapable of fending for themselves!

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