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RUSH: I got up at 4:30 today. My cat woke me up. This happens every time I’m gone for more than four or five days, cat started head butting and I had no choice, had to get up, been up ever since, and this has been a whirlwind, it’s been exciting. People ask, ‘Did you ever expect it to get to two million?’ No, but I did think it would exceed one million. For those of you watching on the Dittocam, here it is. This is the ZERO Halliburton attaché case, and inside this attaché case is the letter, the smear letter from Dingy Harry Reid that he sent to the Clear Channel CEO — they are my syndication partner — essentially asking that I be made to apologize, and spanked, and so forth. As you all know by now, the letter is filled with distortions and lies. I think it was sent knowingly in that sense, so we got a hold of it. Mr. Mays gave me the original. It is in this attaché case and in just 51-and-a-half minutes, we will know how much it went for, including the case, including a really nice picture of me presenting the letter in public for the first time in Philadelphia last week and the case itself, plus the letter.
Two million one-hundred-thousand and one hundred dollars. Stop and think of this. Let’s put it in perspective, folks. One day, a tree was cut down, and it was processed into paper. The paper was then turned into stationery. That stationery became a four-page letter, with 41 signatures that the free market has now valued at $2,100,100. How and why could four pieces of paper printed a mere 17 days ago become so valuable? The letter itself, the intent of the letter, fell on deaf ears. It accomplished nothing. The signatures of 41 senators, frankly, aren’t really worth that much. How did these four pages of stationery become so valuable in so short a period of time? Well, to understand this, folks, maybe you want to think time capsule. That letter captures the essential reality of liberal politics in this country at this time: the politics of personal destruction, the manipulation of reality for personal and political gain, the silence of the lambs. The so-called mainstream media, the Drive-By Media, has said precious little about this. They had nothing to do with valuing these four pieces of paper at $2,100,100.

To this moment, they have not discussed it. The Today Show wanted to do something on it today, but I didn’t find out in time to do it, wouldn’t have had time because I’ve been swamped in here. We have had a request from the New York Times. However, the reporterette for the New York Times, we went and looked at some of her work, and she recently wrote a piece condemning charitable giving as robbing the government of needed tax revenue because of the charitable deduction. So we’ll pass on that. Now, I use mainstream media in this case rather than Drive-By because this goes all the way up to the high priests of journalism. The letter also documents that 41 senators are either too ignorant of the facts, or too willing to create facts, and so assured of their authority — some call that smug — that they would actually sign onto this smear. So totally confident that the media would let them get away with it; so unaware of the new media that would not let them get away with it. And that, my friends, all that, part of what made that smear, those four pages, those four pieces of stationery, four pieces of paper, the audacity that is on that paper, the current illustration of where liberal Democrat politics is in America today, that is what has valued those four pieces of paper at $2,100,100.

We don’t know how high this is going to go. I did know that this was going to happen. I told everybody all week that the big money would be laying back toward the end of the week for the deadline so as not to get it bid up. But apparently there are three or four bidders out there that are going at this, duking it out, and it hasn’t moved all day; hasn’t moved all morning. Let me just check, let me hit the refresh here and see what happens. I have to turn away from the Golden EIB Microphone to reach my computer monitor and so forth. Still at $2,100,100. People are asking me, ‘Are you going to match this?’ Yeah. I said I was. Poor Dawn. She’s just been so concerned about this. ‘I came in this morning, I couldn’t sleep. I just can’t believe it.’ I committed to doing this. It’s no problem.

Stop and think what’s going to happen here, folks. At least $4.2 million is going to end up going to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. Four-point-two million to help fund college educations for the children of Marines killed in action and the children of federal law enforcement officers who are killed in action. And who made it all possible? Harry Reid. In the process of smearing someone who has a long record of supporting the military, Harry Reid, who never thought this letter would be made public, I’m certain he never thought it would go beyond his press statement and his reading of it on the Senate floor, that letter and Dingy Harry, with what they have done, you talk about impugning and besmirching the troops, it’s sweet justice. It’s poetic justice that Dingy Harry and those 40 signatories to this letter have made it possible for at least $4.2 million to go to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.


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