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RUSH: I just want to warn you, if you’re a 60 Minutes viewer, I tell you, the Drive-By Media is ignoring this, but what they’re not ignoring — further illustrating the narrative and the template — what’s her name, Valerie Plame Wilson’s book is out. 60 Minutes is doing a big profile over the weekend. They are pushing the hell out of Valerie Plame’s book, all over the news media. She’s number 509 on Amazon, number 509, and they’re still pushing it — because this takes ’em back to Bush. It takes ’em back to the template that they really love.

You realize, nothing is going well for the Democrats. They can’t get us out of Iraq, angering their base. They caved on the S-CHIP program. Wait ’til you hear this. I had a little bit of this yesterday in terms of the Democrats’ strategery on this. There was Nancy Pelosi, who’s really, really, really taking some hits in the media today over her ineffective leadership on the Armenian genocide resolution, and she sort of faded away in one newspaper story about where she is. Democrats in the House are not happy with her. They have failed to override the S-CHIP veto. They’re just having all kinds of problems. You add to it Harry Reid’s smear letter, and they’re eager to take anybody’s attention off of their failures and their ineffectiveness, and bammo! Here comes Valerie Plame’s book for 24/7 media coverage just to relieve that. That’s another lie. That is as surreal as what happened to me. It’s as surreal as what happened to Scooter Libby. She was not outed by Bush administration people. Well, Richard Armitage is in the Bush administration, but he’s not sympathetic to the Bush administration when it came to the Iraq war. He was the one that leaked to Novak. He knew throughout the investigation that he was the leaker, and yet he didn’t come forward, and Scooter Libby is convicted on a process crime.

The whole thing was surreal. The whole thing was based on lies. Joe Wilson is a liar! Joe Wilson came back from Niger and told a story about what he found there, that the CIA and the Senate committee both said, ‘Hey, this kind of confirms what we thought about Iraq trying to get uranium from Niger.’ The Senate intelligence committee labeled him… Well, they didn’t call him a liar. They just found that his report, his testimony was labeled in an op-ed piece that he wrote in the New York Times was just riddled with falsehoods. It’s a harsh thing to say. I understand that this is a harsh thing to say. I don’t know how to say it any other way: Liberals lie. They have to have a monopoly in order to flourish because in a monopoly, the lies never get challenged. One of the lies that continues to be spread today is the fact that conservatives — Mitch McConnell, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin — trashed a 12-year-old little boy by the name of Graeme Frost. We beat up a defenseless little kid. No such thing happened! All that happened was an investigation was undertaken by some people, and the truth was revealed about the Frost family’s financial circumstances. They were qualified under those circumstances anyway for medical insurance for the kids, under the S-CHIP program.

The Democrats then found out about the kids because, through the circuitous route from family plan — I don’t know where it was, but from Maryland all the way to Washington, they found out the kid, and they made him do — or let him do — a response to President Bush’s radio address. His theme, the 12-year-old’s theme in the speech that he made was that he wants President Bush to sign the bill so that kids, like him, will be able to get medical coverage and treatment, should they have a similar accident. Well, and that left the impression that Bush didn’t want little Graeme Frost to be able to get medical care because he was going to veto it. Well, Bush had proposed a $4 billion increase, but, as I keep pounding, the dirty little secret was that Graeme Frost and his family were already covered and they were treated and got treated on the basis of the S-CHIP program! Expansion was not needed. My point was that Graeme Frost was used by the Democrats, a bunch of lies put into his head by whoever wrote the script. He’s 12 years old. Yet the lie persists that his family was attacked and that he was attacked. When, in truth, it was the Democrats who were exposed — and when you expose them, that’s when they launch into action. You’re not supposed to challenge what they say. They have become so accustomed during the days of their monopoly, that whatever they said was, that when somebody comes along and challenges it, ‘How dare you? How dare you!’

The most inconvenient thing for Democrats these days is the truth. Fiction is their best friend. The Washington Post has a story on this S-CHIP thing, and the headline is: ‘Democrats Press Ahead on S-CHIP — As veto override fails, they plan bill with minor changes.’ Now, the spin of this story is that maybe — now get this — maybe the Republicans will get their face-saving changes, what they stood up for. It’s Reid and Pelosi who have the bloody noses here. It’s Reid and Pelosi who ought to be embarrassed. They’re the two most ineffective leaders, in my lifetime, in the United States House and Senate on the Democrat side. Reid and Pelosi bombed big time here. By the way, do you know there is a reason why Pelosi pulled the bill in the House, and it had to do with an amendment. Here we go. ‘Roy Blunt issued a press release late last night lambasting the Democrats. The opening paragraph is this: ‘The Democrats’ full scale retreat…” I’m sorry. This is about FISA. This is about FISA. But it’s the same thing. There’s another failure. This S-CHIP, FISA, both of them failures. So now the way that the Democrats are spinning this: ‘The new version will probably give Republicans some face-saving alterations, but no substantive change, Democrats leaders suggested…’ Why do the Republicans need to ‘save face,’ folks? They found the courage to vote against the veto override. Why do they need to save face? This is an example of the hubris and the arrogance from the Democrats. They think the Republicans are in trouble because they voted against this, and so, ‘Well, we’ll come back and give you a chance to save your face.’ If anybody needs to hide their faces these days it’s the Democrats in Washington.

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