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Rush’s Morning Update: The Template
October 23, 2007

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Over the weekend, voters in Louisiana elected a new governor: Bobby Jindal. Republican Bobby Jindal. Post-Hurricane-Katrina-Vanden-Heuvel Bobby Jindal.

The 36-year-old governor-elect says the first thing on his “to do” listis call a special session of the state legislature to address ethics reform. He wants to clean up Louisianaand change the perception of corruption that has encumbered the state. (After generations of Democrat rule, I might add.) Jindal points out that a lot of “accepted ways of doing business” inLouisiana are considered unethical or illegal in other parts of the country.He wants lawmakers to disclose their sources of income and their assets, and he wants to bar family members from doing bidness with the state.

Now, a few things about this election. Yes, Bobby Jindal is the first non-white governor elected since Reconstruction. (For you public school grads,that’s the period right after the Civil War. And, if you’re unsure about the Civil War,I can’t help you.) Yes, he’s alsothe first Indian-American governor in the country — but his campaign attracted votes from across the board.

So, with Congress’s approval ratings in the tank, we’ve got a Republican– a son of Indian immigrants– elected governor. Post-Katrina. No Drive-By analysis, though,lauding the people of Louisiana– “The Deep South”– for “celebrating diversity,” or for giving us a “historical first.” And no forecast about this election being a “bellweather” for the upcoming election season (had it been,Jindal would bea Democrat).

I guess Bobby Jindal– Republican Bobby Jindal– just doesn’t fit their template, does he? More to come like this, folks. Guarantee you.

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