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RUSH: This morning on the floor of the House during one-minute speeches, this is representative Joe Wilson, a Republican from South Carolina.

WILSON: Madam Speaker, last week, America’s number-one radio personality, Rush Limbaugh, auctioned off for charity a letter shamefully signed by a group of 41 Democrat senators. The letter to Limbaugh’s employer attacked Rush for comments blatantly distorted by Media Matters regarding persons who had lied about their service in the military. I am happy to report that the Senate letter of infamy auctioned for $2.1 million, an amount Rush says he will generously match. That brings the total to $4.2 million. The money will be donated to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. This charitable organization provides financial assistance to the children of fallen Marines and law enforcement officers. I wish to commend Rush for overcoming what was clearly a political ploy to chill his First Amendment rights of free speech. Rush took an abuse of power by Democrat leadership and turned it into something positive. Between Rush Limbaugh and Senate Democrats, America knows who really supports our troops.

RUSH: Thank you, Congressman Joe Wilson, from the floor of the House this morning during one-minute speeches — Joe Wilson, Republican, South Carolina.

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