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RUSH: They thought they had Judge Southwick dead to rights yesterday. Listen to these sound bites. Chuck Schumer on the Senate floor about the upcoming vote of Judge Leslie Southwick’s nomination to the appellate bench.

SCHUMER: The poison in this country, the thing that could do us in is race and racism. So when it comes to the area of race and racism, we have to bend over backgrounds.

RUSH: Try forwards.

SCHUMER: The African-American community, in Mississippi, in the country, is strongly against the Southwick nomination. When you condone using the N-word, you are doing just that.

RUSH: Here’s more of Schumer.

SCHUMER: Like it or not, when he’s nominated to the Fifth Circuit, he is carrying 200-and-some-odd-years of bigotry that has existed in this country, and particularly in this circuit on his back. I do believe when it comes to the issue of race, one on the Fifth Circuit must be exemplary, and this case shows that he is not. He has failed that standard, and I would urge my colleagues, every one of them on both sides of the aisle to look into their hearts when they cast this important vote.

RUSH: I’m not going to waste time talking about this case, this one case, the N-word. It’s a little bit complicated to get into. It’s not what Schumer is portraying it to be. The point is he just incited an entire part of the country, just indicted a judicial circuit of having 200 years of bigotry. Harry Reid got into the act. Here’s a little bit of Dingy Harry, a montage.

REID: Judge King wrote regarding the N-word, and I quote him, ‘There are some words which by their nature and definition are so inherently offensive that their use establishes the intent to offend.’ It was clear in this decision that Judge Southwick should have joined the majority, and the majority would have been with Judge King. He decided to not go with the majority and create his own majority to, in effect, agree that using this N-word was nothing more than just an offhand remark that meant nothing. A failure to give full weight to the vile meaning and history of the N-word is deeply disturbing. I cannot overlook it.

RUSH: Well, you should overlook it, because you’ve got Sheets Byrd in the Senate, sir, who just recently on television was using the N-word on Fox News. We’ve got the bite if you want to hear it. They’re going overboard on these smears, folks. They thought they had him defeated yesterday morning, and he was confirmed, another loss for Dingy Harry.


RUSH: Jeff in Harrisonburg, Virginia, you are next. I’m glad you were patient.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thank you very much for letting me on. I’m a soldier who appreciates just about everything you’re saying. I’ve never been insulted by anything you’ve ever said, but I want to make sure people understand that, that smear campaign against you, what a joke. With regard to your outing phony soldiers, and there are phony soldiers, and have been, who pretended to be people of credentials —

RUSH: Hell, the latest one is this guy Scott Thomas Beauchamp. He just wrote a whole bunch of lies this past summer in the New Republic, a liberal journal of opinion. The New Republic supposedly conducted an investigation and turns out most of what he wrote was just absolute BS, events that he said took place in Iraq, took place in Kuwait, some of the events didn’t take place at all. These guys are all over the place, and note they are the ones the left embrace.

CALLER: Yeah, I challenge them absolutely up front every time, and almost never do I encounter anything besides, it’s funny. I don’t know anybody — I’ve been in the Army for 26 years — I don’t know anybody particularly that’s been there, who denigrates the effort, who said it’s illegitimate, or who would characterize as Kerry did during Vietnam our efforts as somehow —

RUSH: Well, no, no, some of them, but they’re not the ones that get criticized for their views.

CALLER: Right. I never have personally. I walk up, particularly to folks walking with a cane or whatever at Fort Hood, and say, ‘How did you get hurt?’ A lot of people are sports injuries, but absolutely everyone that I’ve encountered that has a combat injury, either, A, can’t wait to go back and complete the mission and rejoin his unit, or, B, can’t say enough about the good work that’s being done that makes it worth it that they were injured. So, you know, I think it’s important to point to those folks who are pretending. You know, if you have legitimate criticisms, there are legitimate criticisms of the war effort. I mean, I’m all about listening to that. How can we improve without criticism? But I’m against the disingenuous and false attacks, like the one on you where you take a guy’s words and mash them around and try to pretend he said something he just didn’t say, and I don’t think it’s right or fair. I mean I called to talk about environmentalism and how conservatives are better environmentalists than we get credit for, but thanks for the opportunity to say something about the war and how many of the critics of it are in deep fault.

RUSH: All right, well, look, I appreciate your sentiments and your support on the Dingy Harry smear. You know, Chuck Schumer, we just played the sound bites of Chuck Schumer trashing Judge Leslie Southwick. Chuck Schumer is one of the signers of the Harry Reid smear letter. Harry Reid trashed Judge Southwick. He, of course, the author of the Harry Reid smear letter. Let me expand on this just a little bit. Some of you might think of this or react to this as wishful thinking. We try to spot trends here at the EIB Network, and there are a lot of events that have taken place just in the last three to four weeks — you can go back even farther than that if you wish — that might indicate a trend. One of the things is that the Democrats are accomplishing nothing. The S-CHIP bill, down in flames. They are trying to bring it back in a different iteration, but it went down in flames. Harry Reid’s smear of me backfired. Southwick ends up being confirmed. There was another piece of legislation, Dingy Harry and Durbin thought that they were going to be able to spend half of the day yesterday and all day today debating the wet DREAM Act. They just totally miscalculated, thought that they had all of the votes to get this done, this stealth amnesty bill.

Yesterday, Dingy Harry thought that he had the 60 votes for cloture, and he was going to spend half of the day yesterday, all day today debating it and voting on it, and he lost. He had eight Democrats defect. They only got 52 votes for cloture. You need 60. Now, if you just look at these events alone, ladies and gentlemen, and go back to all their Iraq war resolutions and their attempted smear of General Petraeus, which backfired on them, I’m wondering with so much attention that’s being focused on the Democrats now since they won in November of ’06, and actually you can go back years, and years, and years for information and data, incidents to ask the question, but have they perhaps smeared themselves out? At some point, and I don’t know if we’ve reached it, but at some point you have to say that a majority of people paying attention are going to say, ‘These people just can’t be that bad. Everybody the president nominates or every person the Democrats seek to destroy and criticize, they just can’t be this bad.’

After awhile, of all these false allegations and false charges, these smears that backfire, and they don’t care who they mount them against, at some point you have to believe — I do, because I’m an optimist — you have to believe that this is all going to start backfiring on them. The same thing with Rangel’s massive tax increase, $1 trillion, largest tax increase in American history, he proposes it a year out. By the way, make no mistake, this is Hillary Clinton’s tax increase. Rangel runs the Ways and Means Committee, but the right way to look at this is that Rangel is always the forward operator for Mrs. Clinton. He first raised the idea of her running for the Senate in New York. He just went after Rudy’s personal life, obviously at her behest. So, in this case, what Charles Rangel is doing with his massive tax increase is merely giving us a peek at Hillary’s tax vision for America. Everything that Rangel does in this regard, without any question in my mind, is an extension of Hillary Clinton and is probably specifically her idea. But they’re being so brazen about all of these things, and they’re being so up front and public about it because they’re arrogant and cocky, their hubris is amazing to watch.

They think they’ve already won the White House, it’s already over. When you start counting the chickens before the eggs hatch, you often are blindsided and shocked, stunned, and surprised, because that kind of arrogance leads you to ignore reality. I’m just wondering, may be wishful thinking, I’m just wondering if all of these recent events are starting to backfire on these people. I know they don’t look like as big a joke as we portray them here because the Drive-Bys do not portray them that way, but Harry Reid has had a dismal three weeks. Nancy Pelosi has had a dismal two weeks. Two of the most ineffective leaders of the House and Senate the Democrats have ever had. Now, the Drive-Bys are not portraying it this way, obviously. But the rank-and-file Democrats have to be noticing this. The point is that while everybody still seems to think the Democrats are on offense and that they’re running this show and that they are smart and quick, faster than anybody else in the opposition, they plan better, everything they’re trying to do is backfiring, and there’s a reason for it, folks.

One of the reasons it’s backfiring — well, twofold. The smears and the allegations they launch at people are lies. Number two, they are not reflecting a majority of thinking in this country with their actions. The S-CHIP bill, the wet DREAM Act, this does not — their policies, their legislation — does not represent the majority opinion of the people of this country. That’s one of the reasons why it’s being rejected. There’s no other way to explain eight defections on the wet DREAM Act. You’ve got some Democrats that Harry Reid and Dick Durbin, they did their head count, ‘Oh, we got it,’ they were so happy yesterday morning, they were on the cusp here of great success that would overshadow all their embarrassing failures, and they ended up with another embarrassing failure. They had some defections. Now, those senators probably come from states where immigration is a huge deal. I don’t think these people in Washington still get it. I know the Drive-Bys don’t get it. But I don’t think they still understand what an explosive issue illegal immigration is for them.

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