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RUSH: This is Randy in Jacksonville, Florida. Nice to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Great One.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Can you hear me?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Okay, cool. Yeah, I just wanted to point out — by the way, I’m a first time caller, so it is definitely a pleasure talking with you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I just wanted to point out actually that just everything going on with the Democrats right now, and let’s say, for instance, because I just pointed this out to a friend of mine who’s not really a liberal, but he’s a Democrat, just the smear tactics that they used with you, and what they did is they basically took out of context the script. My friend kind of bought into that so I showed him the script and I said now tell me what this said, and realistically. So once he read the script he really understood what it meant and what you were trying to say. Well, the point I made to him, I said let’s just say the Democrats are really good people and we can find the inherent worth in everybody. Now, if that’s the case and they really are good people and they have good intentions, the problem that you’re finding is they don’t grasp situations very well. So, therefore, you’ve got guys in power that really can’t understand what’s going on.

RUSH: When you say guys in power, are you talking about elected Democrats?

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: Okay. So your friend didn’t get it until you showed him the transcript?

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: So what is the question? Or what is your point? I’m having trouble hearing you. What is it you’re saying?

CALLER: Okay, the point I’m trying to get across is, let’s just say the Democrats — I mean, we kind of know what’s going on with the smear tactics and everything, but let’s just say they really are good people, and the fact that the normal every day people like myself, for instance, we can listen to you or read the transcript and understand what it means, yet let’s just say they are good people and they go on a smear campaign — they don’t understand the transcript or what you said, so they’re taking it out of context which means if they really are good people, they just simply can’t grasp the concept.

RUSH: Well, this goes to a point that a caller made yesterday. I was thrown off because I thought you were going to say normal people didn’t buy the smear. You’re making it sound like normal people did buy it until they found out what was the truth. But you talk about grasping concepts. We had a caller yesterday who said something to me that I actually thought was somewhat profound, and I hadn’t thought of it myself because I’m not that introspective, but this guy, my memory, he made the point that the Democrats do everything with emotion and no rationality. They are just totally irrational. Everything is about emotion to them. We are supposed to feel sorry; we’re supposed to have our feelings hurt; we’re supposed to be crying over global warming; we’re supposed to be crying over the forest fires; we’re supposed to be crying and upset over virtually everything.

What the caller yesterday was calling about was that, you know, I had spent a period of time rejecting the Democrats’ assessment, the political assessment of this fire, that is was Bush’s fault, it’s global warming’s fault, we don’t have enough National Guard to fight it because they’re off in Iraq because it’s Bush’s war and so forth. I made the point yesterday, I said, ‘Those things would never occur to me. When I watch the pictures of this fire, I put myself in the position of owning a home, or a business, or piece of property out there, and the total helplessness that you have to feel. I mean, people are going back to neighborhoods that have been fire-ravaged and they’re finding nothing. They’re finding shells of what was once their home. Yeah, there was a lot of stuff in those homes and stuff, so forth, but the stuff in there that they also lost is what made the home a home. None of it’s left. It’s all gone.’ Now, you can say, yes, there’s insurance. But what do you do tonight? What do you do tomorrow? What do you do for the next six months, year, waiting on insurance to come through? Do you have to rebuild the house? Do you say, ‘Screw this, I’m going to go buy a house in another neighborhood where there’s not as great a fire potential.’ Can you even do that because you have located near schools where your kids go?

These are the kind of things that I think about. The caller yesterday called and said, ‘You exhibited genuine compassion. The liberals exhibit phony compassion and no rationality about anything whatsoever.’ It’s something I never looked at in that way until the caller had pointed it out. So when you say that these Democrats just fell for the smear because they didn’t know the context, of course they would. They’re not rational. They’re not curious. They have a worldview. They have a narrative, they live their lives according to templates, and if they’re very politically oriented and motivated, then, of course, I’m enemy No. 1. They hear something bad about me, gotta be true, I’m an enemy, I’m a bad guy, has to be true. No curiosity. This is why I was talking earlier, though. I think that the Democrats are reaching the point where they have smeared so many people, for so many years, that rational people are beginning to say, ‘Gosh, they can’t all be this bad.’ I mean, Democrats don’t just mildly criticize. They smear. They lie about and they try to destroy people, and they portray people as the most disgusting, despicable human beings walking the planet, from Judge Bork, to Clarence Thomas, to Leslie Southwick, to Miguel Estrada, I mean the list is endless.

There’s a term that’s now evolved, to be ‘Borked’ over what they did to Judge Bork. And after awhile — and this has been going on for so many years, and it happens frequently — any time there’s a judicial nominee, any time there’s an attorney general nominee, any time there’s a new cabinet nominee, the Democrats’ tactic is not just to oppose and criticize on policy; it’s to smear and try to destroy personally. So my only point is, at some point, with a more aware public, and you’d have to say with the existence of us here in the New Media, there is a more aware and informed public than there was in 1986 when Bork got Borked, ’92 when Clarence Thomas got Borked. Now people don’t get away with it. They didn’t get away with it with me. They didn’t get away with it with Southwick. They still get away with it, but, at some point, if they’re not doing it yet, people are going to say, ‘These people just all can’t be that bad.’

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