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“Fortney ‘Pete’ Stark needs to get a liberal talk show, because he is insane.”

“When a kid from Cape Girardeau, Missouri can withstand a smear by 41 United States senators without the help of the Drive-By Media, expose the smear, and counter it and come out on top… This, my friends, is a great country.”

“I didn’t get home ’til four o’clock this morning. I had a late dinner in New York. I went out with Ann Coulter and Jimmie J. J. Walker. Remember him? From Good Times? ‘Dyn-o-mite!'”

“Why am I ‘the most dangerous man in America’? And to whom? I am ‘the most dangerous man in America’ to the American left because I cannot be cowed and I am right.”

“Every time one of you military guys call in I get thrilled, because so many people in the audience want to tell you how much they appreciate what you do. You guysvolunteer to do things that 99% of the population would never even consider volunteering for.”

“It’s insulting to women — and it is a dangerous assumption to make — that all women are going to vote for Hillary. Women have minds of their own. Boy, do we know that!”

“‘Feminism boosts sexual satisfaction for both men and women, a new study suggests.’ BS! BS, folks! I’m telling you, I’ve been through the feminist jungle out there: It ain’t true!”

“Look, Fortney ‘Pete’ Stark has long been a wacko. He’s from the Bay Area; long been a full-fledged, certifiable nutcase. He probably shows up to the House in a little yellow bus every day and then goes back to the happy home at the end of the session.”

“Let me tell you what Hillary’s an expert in: investigating, intimidating, and smearing her husband’s other women. That was her job, ladies and gentlemen. That’s what she’s good at — and that’s it.”

“Chickified guys — those are the ones you can control. Those are the ones who are so henpecked that the only thing they do behind their feminist wives’ back is zip her up.”

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