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RUSH: Thousand Oaks, California, this is Nikko. Nikko, hi, nice to have you. Glad you waited.

CALLER: Ah, hello, Rush, it’s an honor to speak to you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’d like to make two points, Rush, if I may.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: The first points is I firmly believe that you single-handedly steered this country away from a second civil war, and the reason I’m saying that is liberals are imposing a foreign culture onto this nation. But normally people resist foreign change and foreign elements in their society through the ballot box and the courts. But if the ballot box and the courts have been usurped, how will the people bring about change without violence and bloodshed? I believe for 20 years, Rush, you have been fighting to bring this flood of foreign culture to a halt. And this last couple of weeks it was evident with the Congress failures and the Harry Reid letter that you not only stopped that flood, you are really pushing this back. So you made it possible that change in this country will still be possible without violence. The liberals have pursued up to now dividing the nation, dumbing down our children, taxing the people into poverty and putting folks in bondage, which they claim to help. And all these are foreign concepts to the character of this nation. And then I’d like to bring up the second point.

RUSH: You may. But I first want to thank you for that. I don’t know about stopping a civil war, but you’re really insightful here on a number of things, particularly how — and this is a warning that we have blasted from the EIB Network studios for years — and that is the left’s attempt to take over the courts and the judiciary with liberal activists so that the Constitution can be effectively rewritten legal decision, by legal decision, by legal decision.

CALLER: But what I found most interesting and a foresight that I couldn’t have believed you would have when I started listening to you in the early nineties, is that when you beat this drum, Rush, it’s that these people are out to get us, and they are in the minority, but they usurp the media so they sound like the majority. They set up the dynamic of a common foe on the one hand and being a savior on the other hand. And I believe that is why they are challenging Bush even though he is not on the ticket, is they just want to instill in the people’s mind, the majority, the silent majority I might add, that there is a common foe out there, and without them being the savior, we will be all doomed, but in the meantime, the foe is our friend, and the friend or the savior is our foe, and they manage through the Drive-By Media to install that into the minds of the people.

RUSH: It’s exactly right. They have created the notion, the image of massive, massive problems. We have calamities and disaster and catastrophe staring us in the face, ahead of us down the road. They, the people painting this picture, falsely then present themselves as the only people who can save us from it, and how? By taking a little more of our freedom each and every day, a little more of our money each and every day, a little more of the power that we have to live our lives our way, and do it under the guise we all need to be saved. That’s a blueprint for the global warming hoax, Nikko.

CALLER: Absolutely, sir, and I used an analogy this weekend where, you know, what destroys a body if you die is one of the elements is removed, the soul is removed from that body and the body is inevitably being destroyed. The same thing happens with a house. You take a house pieces apart and all the structures away and by the time you have a heap of rubble you’ve destroyed the house, and they do the same thing by taking piece by piece of our social structures and fibers away so that in the end, they sit with the heap of rubble and then we have become nothing more than a bunch of subjects to a monarchy, and I believe that they won’t call it a monarchy, but they want absolute power.

RUSH: Oh, absolutely. It’s what animates; it’s what they’re obsessed with.

CALLER: Absolutely. And there’s no two ways about that. Rush, may I make my second point?

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: You know, I would have thought that when Harry Reid’s letter came out that you would go up there and slap this guy on the upside of the head, verbally speaking of course, but your public relations coup was just a brilliant, brilliant move, and the way that you had acquired $4 million — now my tongue is twisting. I’m sorry. But that you could raise $4 million for the men and women in uniform, I thought each and every one of us in this country who enjoys this American dream should be making some form of expression of gratitude. I want to donate ten percent of my sales of my new company that we started to MC-LEF, and I want to stretch this out through the end of the year through Christmas, and you’ve noticed I’m not scared to say it’s a Christmas holiday season. We manufacture a beautiful set of porcelain coffee mugs with a parchment motif scripture-inscribed artwork on that, which is just very, very nicely done, just to say thank you for those folks who fight to keep us free. And may I say my website, sir?

RUSH: Sure, go right ahead.

CALLER: www.faithmugs.com, and your folks go in there and they enter the keyword Rush into the discount box, they will also get a 10% discount and by the end of every month we’ll write a check to MC-LEF for the other 10%. I’ve been to my bean counter and we worked out the number, sir, that we’ll gladly give that 20% away to keep us free and for the people —

RUSH: Well, that’s very sweet. That’s very thoughtful. I just hope you have a big server farm out there, Nikko because on these rare occasions when we give websites out, they sometimes crash for a while, so if that happens to yours, be patient, it will be back. I appreciate that. Thank you very much.

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