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Rush’s Morning Update: Seized!
October 30, 2007

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Six weeks ago, a Nebraska couple became first-time parents. However, their religious beliefs ran afoul of a Nebraska law requiring all newborn infants to receive a mandatory blood test to screen for several diseases. They refused the test. So sheriff’s deputies seized the newborn, allowed health workers to draw and screen the blood — then placed the infant into foster care for almost a week, waiting for the results.

According to a Department of Health and Human Services spokes-babe, this was the first time in Nebraska that an infant has been seized. While other states have similar laws on the books, four states — South Dakota, Michigan, Montana, and Nebraska — don’t offer religious exemptions.

The baby tested okay, and is now back home with the parents. But the parents’ attorney, Jeff Downing, says it’s “a classic case of the government overreaching and violating a family’s constitutional rights.” Although the family isn’t seeking damages — they want to ensure this won’t happen again.

Put aside for the moment whether you agree or disagree with the parents on blood tests. What oughta chill you to the bone is what this incident represents. If government officials won’t hesitate to seize a newborn — imagine what they’ll do with you … should you make a decision they don’t like.

The more power you cede to the government over your health care, the less freedom you and your family have — over your own health, and your own life.

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