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RUSH: The more I see this French president, this Sarkozy guy, the more I like him, ladies and gentlemen. He was on 60 Minutes with Lesley Stahl. I don’t know when they taped the interview, but he had a lot of praise for America. He admires the work ethic here and a number of other things. You know, it’s amazing. He walked out of the interview when Lesley Stahl started asking him about his wife, the divorce and so forth. A French guy with gonads! You know, where are our guys walking out on stupid questions like this? Here’s how it happened on 60 Minutes last night.

STAHL: Everybody’s asking. Even your press secretary was asked at the briefing today. No comment?

SARKOZY (via translator): He was quite right to make no comment, and no comment. Thank you.

STAHL: Sarkozy decided the interview was over, and off he went.

SARKOZY: (leaving)

STAHL: But the question about his wife left hanging.

RUSH: Yeah, of course. It’s not relevant to governing the country of France. He just walked out of there.

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