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RUSH: I mentioned that Dr. Spencer sent me a little note today that the lack of hurricane activity over the past two years could lead to super hurricanes down the road, because hurricanes have a natural cooling effect on the oceans of the world, because they churn it up. The churn factor will bring cold water that’s deep up to the surface, thereby cooling surface temperatures and so forth, and this dissipates heat from the oceans, which is good. Then Dr. Spencer at the end threw in this fact that, of course, all of this lack of hurricane activity means the oceans are not being cooled, which means we’re getting ready for super ‘canes. So a couple people sent me e-mails, ‘Look, would you ask Dr. Spencer how it can be that the absence of hurricanes is going to lead to super hurricanes when Florida went for years and years and years without a hurricane, despite rising sea level temperatures?’ Dr. Spencer was sort of joking about that, folks. His point was that hurricanes were not just invented by God to kill and destroy people and things. Hurricanes have a natural beneficial atmospheric and climatological effect on the overall — what would you say — ecology or climate of the planet.

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