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RUSH: The people of Argentina elected the next Evita. What’s this babe’s name? The Drive-Bys are just ecstatic. The Drive-Bys think that this is an omen, whereas Ségolène Royal failed in France, Cristina Kirchner in Argentina has prevailed. So we have a montage of yesterday and this morning of people from Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS, a whole bunch of people here talking about the election of this Cristina babe to run Argentina.

KONDRACKE: I’ve long thought that there were parallels between Argentina and the United States. When the movie Evita came out, I always thought that that applied to Hillary Clinton.

COSTELLO: Some call her the Hillary of Argentina. And voters in Argentina get a package deal.

BLITZER: A new president of Argentina with some striking similarities to Hillary Clinton.

GIBSON: She’s been first lady, a senator and a lawyer, and now she is president… of Argentina.

COURIC: The couple is sometimes referred to as Argentina’s answer to the Clintons.

COLLINS: Comparisons to Senator Hillary Clinton, a former first lady now running for president.

JARRETT: Is being compared to Hillary Clinton.

NAUERT: Is often referred to as the Hillary Clinton of Argentina.

RUSH: Boy, they get hold of something and they just won’t let go. So here’s the conventional wisdom, because Argentina elected this Cristina babe, why, that’s Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton is our next president, yay! They’re Argentina’s version of the Clintons. Oh, isn’t it such a beautiful thing? And, of course, it doesn’t mean diddly-squat because the people of Argentina aren’t going to vote here. Well, some of them aren’t. But you get my drift. Brian, wake up in there. This is just hilarious. (laughter) Late night, eh? Cleaning up from the Halloween party over the weekend? How about Kondracke saying there at the beginning, ‘I always thought that when the movie came out, that that applied to Hillary Clinton.’ Evita was about Evita. Now, Madonna was in the starring role there, might have been an attempt to make this about Hillary Clinton, but whatever, this is Drive-By Media conventional wisdom, pack mentality, groupthink, all now falling in line with what this election means.

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