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Rush’s Morning Update: Honesty?
October 31, 2007

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Well, according to press reports, John Edwards– the Breck Girl– has decided to get his hair a little mussed up. Instead of sending his wife out to do the heavy lifting, he’s taking on Mrs. Bill Clinton himself.

Edwards accused Mrs. Clinton of being part of a corrupt Washington culture, predicting that a Clinton presidency would be “a Democratic version of the Republican corruption machine.”He went on, telling New Hampshire voters that everything else is “unimportant if you don’t have a President that you believe will tell you the truth even when it’s hard, and a President who is honest and sincere and that you can count on. I don’t know about you,” Edwards said,”but I’m not interested in having the next great politician as President.” Translation of that is: “Hillary lies.”

Now, hey! It’s no secret: the Clinton, Inc. “character issue” has a lengthy track record. But until now, no matter what questions were raised– from missing billing recordsto political opponents’ FBI files showing up in the White House unexplained– Democrats like Edwards stridently defended the Clintons. Through all the past and current fundraising abuses and illegalities –the bimbo eruptions,the shady real estate deals, cattle futures scams –you could count on Democrats,including John Edwards,to obfuscate the truth.

So… just maybethis concern over Mrs. Clinton’s honesty would sound a bit more sincere from Edwardsif he didn’t wait until his own campaign was circling the political abyss before he noticed it! Honestly speaking.

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