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RUSH: This is Janice in Lincoln, Nebraska. Hi, Janice.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Well, you kind of stole my thunder because I was going to mention Rick Lazio. When he was running for the Senate, and he walked up to Hillary during the debate and handed her the piece of paper, you know, the libs and the media went nuts. And back then I thought Lazio made a big mistake by backing down and Republicans need to take a lesson, and they absolutely cannot repeat that mistake that he made. You know, if she’s so weak and fragile that no one can even challenge her or get close to her, then she should just go home and bake cookies. But the current media attention, I think they’re going to forget about this in just a few days.

RUSH: Oh, you think they’ll forget about it in a few days?

CALLER: Oh, I do, because they’re her gal.

RUSH: She’s their gal, you mean?

CALLER: Yes, sorry.

RUSH: Well, they may try to forget it, but you have to understand, let me see if I can put this in perspective. Thanks Janice, I want you to listen to this. There clearly are some media people who are not happy with what she’s done. Now, not saying that that’s permanent, not saying that she won’t be able to get them back with threats and whatever else that she has in the arsenal. But you have to understand how these people look at both Clintons. They are on pedestals, particularly Bill. But these are the sixties generation representatives. This is the last chance, the sixties radicals, to actually take over and run the country. This is it. This is it for the baby boomer generation in terms of running for president. Certainly is it for the Clintons. Throughout the public life of the Clintons, they have been idolized, as a cut above, as special. They have been coddled; they have been protected; they have been looked upon with utter awe by their contemporaries in the Drive-By Media.

Mrs. Clinton is basically running for president because it’s her turn, because she has eaten all these excrement sandwiches over the years being married to Bill. She gave up her feminist career at Wellesley, went to Yale, met this guy, went to the sticks of Arkansas — that’s what elites think of it — and she had to live down there for all those years in Arkansas, had to be the breadwinner while Clinton’s out you-know-what with you-know-who, and it’s excrement sandwich after excrement sandwich. It’s just her turn. If her last name weren’t Clinton, nobody would even think of her as an executive, somebody that could run the health care of America. What’s happened here in this debate on Tuesday night, you had a major defection from the Drive-Bys in Tim Russert. Tim Russert went after all of these people, but particularly Mrs. Clinton, with questions that she hasn’t been asked before. She doesn’t like that.

I guarantee you that the Clinton camp is steaming at Russert and at NBC, and they let it be known to a couple people how angry they were. But now sort of the bloom is off the rose. Mrs. Clinton, who has, undeservedly, by the way — these people in the media and elsewhere are true believers. They think that the Clintons are above normal human beings in intelligence, in strategy, trickery, achievement, accomplishment, they can’t lose. Sort of like kids idolize sports figures and make heroes out of them before they even know them, it’s a natural thing, and I think that’s the way a lot of people look at the Clintons.

Now, Hillary has blown it. She has really disappointed them. First with lack of answers — these people in the media are liberals, and they want to hear it. They don’t want to hear full-fledged, but they don’t like this hedging. They don’t like having to cover this. You can see the impatience in a lot of print journalists’ work on Mrs. Clinton. They also don’t like the fact that now she’s playing the girl, now she’s playing the victim. That is genuine; they are disappointed; she has let them down. They want to be able to hear a lie delivered flawlessly. That’s where she doesn’t have the substance and talent of her husband. Bill used to be able to give them every lie they wanted to hear as smooth as if it was the truth from God. And they sat there knowing full well it was a lie, or lies, but they marveled. Mrs. Clinton can’t do it. Mrs. Clinton does not have one-tenth the substance, nor the skill, nor the talent of her husband in that regard. This campaign of hers, I’ll guarantee you something, the Democrats want to shield from the country what they really think about illegal immigration, Mrs. Clinton is going to have to shield the country from what she thinks about everything if she has any hope of getting elected. And she’d have to do that for 13 months, folks.

Will people let her get away with that for 13 months? She’s not the first lady now. She is on stage as the preemptive favorite to win the Democrat nomination. She has this aura of inevitability around her. She’s not going to get away hedging, taking both sides or no side of an issue for 13 months. The press is not going to be satisfied. Now, it may well be in this instance, I mean don’t misunderstand, they’re not going to defect from Mrs. Clinton in terms of support, they may get over this, and we may have Hillary, in her next debate, whether it is or not, may be labeled as a stunning grand-slam home run, wow, what a comeback. Probably will be something along those lines. I think that something’s happened here. I think the bloom is off the rose, there’s not so much awe; there’s a little disappointment that the press has in her because she just doesn’t have it. And to go through 13 months without telling us one thing what she wants to do isn’t gonna fly.


RUSH: Folks, my sense of this is that a big bubble has been burst here, inside the Democrat Party. Mrs. Clinton can only go so far as the aura of invincibility will take her, as the aura of inevitability will take her — and the biggest enemy, the biggest threat to the aura of invincibility is Mrs. Clinton herself, and her inability to appear invincible, her inability to appear inevitable. This performance of hers in this debate, I think, has shaken a lot of people up. They were willing to overlook her negatives being at 49%. Nobody’s ever been elected president with negatives that high. This business on immigration, that was just one of the most undisciplined answers, especially when she blurted out (paraphrased), ‘We needed that comprehensive immigration reform. We needed amnesty.’ She’s been trying to cover that up, like she tries to cover up all the rest of her agenda, and inside the campaign people now announcing that they’ve had this long-held strategy to Go Girl, the first time she’s attacked and hit. This does not appear invincible; this does not appear powerful. This is not Clintonesque. I think we’ll not know for quite a while, but I think in the bowels of this party, and in a lot of other places, the bloom’s off the rose and there is serious concern here about her and her candidacy, and don’t forget: One of her big problems is her husband is always lurking around, too, and, by comparison, she just doesn’t meet up with those expectations. She just doesn’t compare. She doesn’t have the substance; she doesn’t have the talent — not the kind of talent the Democrats are looking for.

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