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RUSH: Boy, I’ll tell you, the Clintons, they’re out there playing this gender card now. This is truly insulting. She wants it both ways. One day, one minute, she wants to just be the girl that everybody’s beating up on, and then the next day she wants to be tough as a man, or the next minute. She wants to have it both ways. We’ll discuss this in great detail as the program unfolds today. I want you to hear something. How many of you have seen the Hillary campaign montage that they put together from her website? It’s got all the candidates piling on from the debate, all the attacks, and they put it to Mozart music. Well, we’ve done our own media montage of the media fawning and spinning the debate for Hillary and we’ve put the same music to it. Here it is.

WRIGHT: Their jabs were so relentless, today the Clinton campaign set them to music.

MITCHELL: The politics of pile on with this video.

TODD: That video they’ve put out.

SWEET: A clever video.

SHUSTER: Campaign video they call ‘pile on.’

DOUGLAS: They put a video out saying they were piling on.

KORNBLUT: Strung together a video.

JONES: The Clinton campaign put out video.

ASMAN: A pro Clinton ad and posted it on YouTube.

HALL: Pretty clever ad you have to admit.

SCHOEN: A very clever ad.

SAWYER: Montage, as we call it in the TV business, called the politics of piling on.

HILLARY: (cackle)

RUSH: A montage as we call it in the TV business? So anyway, they’re still out there spinning for her. Well, some are, some aren’t. I mean, it’s not playing well. I think this constitutes Mrs. Clinton’s first slipup. This is her first slipup, and this one may hang around. Guess where it all started? Guess where it all started? Right here on the EIB Network and the Rush Limbaugh program, by demanding to know why it is that Mrs. Clinton was getting a free pass on not being asked about an issue that was said to be radioactive for her, driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants in New York, reporters said it was a radioactive issue. Well, ask her about it, schlub! So at the debate, Tim Russert did on Wednesday night. I don’t mean him the schlub, I’m talking about the AP reporter who wrote about how radioactive it was for her and wouldn’t dare ask, ‘She can’t go near this.’ Well, why not? She gets away with not talking. She doesn’t want to talk, she doesn’t want to talk. So they tripped her up. In that answer, that flip-flop that we had for you all day on Wednesday, she tried to have it both ways in the middle of that answer.

It all boils down to this, folks. It’s not that she doesn’t know what she believes; it’s that she’s afraid to tell us what she believes. She’s afraid to tell us what she really wants to do. The Clintons want to appear to be for and against everything. They want to play both sides of every issue down the middle so you never really know, because the purpose of this is to cover the agenda, cover it up, and then prevent it from actually getting out. We know what the agenda is. The Clintons are no mystery to us here. Nor are they a mystery to you. But this was a big slipup, folks, and it started right here on the EIB Network, and that is exactly what I mean when I say you listen to this program and you’ll be on the cutting edge of societal evolution. It’s why they smear me. This is exactly why they smear me. (laughing) And with every smear, every attempted smear, it backfires on them, but that will not stop them.


RUSH: Mrs. Clinton at Wellesley. Just listen to this.

HILLARY: In so many ways, this all-women’s college prepared me to compete in the all-boys club of presidential politics.

WOMEN: (screaming and applauding)

RUSH: Yeah, yay! How stupid! You know, one day she wants to be thought of as strong like a man, as a member of the boys club. Then the other times, she’s just this victim. (sobbing) ‘They’re beating up on a girl! (weeping) It isn’t fair! So I’m going to go play the gender card. I’m going to go back to Wellesley.’ Folks, I’m telling you, this is not working out. It’s not. She’s blowing this big time, I’m telling you. Not with rank-and-file Democrats, of course they’re going to be net worth, but the undecideds, the so-called independents. I have a whole stack on this today, a whole stack of Mrs. Clinton playing the gender card and being a victim and so forth. Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg.com: ‘Democrat Debate Proves That You Can Hit a Girl — The US presidential debates have been largely a bust, unless you go in for stilted round-robin interviews that reward memorization and neatness over substance. All those ‘raise-your-hand-if-you-agree questions’ reduce the candidates to schoolchildren begging the teacher for a hall pass. [But] Thanks primarily to former Senator John Edwards, Tuesday night’s Democratic debate was different. He was out to prove it’s OK to hit a girl. He hit Clinton so many times that as the night wore on, she began to seem punch drunk, unsure of what was on or off the table and which tough issues needed yet another study by a fuzzy bipartisan commission tied up with a blue ribbon.’ Does anybody think she got beat up? The point is the exact opposite, as I so brilliantly and eloquently pointed out on Wednesday.

She was stumbling all over the place. She had a bad night, and nobody in that field stepped up to take her place. Nobody rode in and said, ‘I’m the guy.’ They remained feeble. If that’s hitting the girl… You know, I’ll tell you what else. So now she’s a girl. Before she was just as good as a man, just as strong as a man. So what are we to do now? How are we supposed to treat and how are we supposed to react to Mrs. Clinton? Is Hillary equal to a man? Is Hillary a girl? What do her supporters want us to know now? What does Clinton, Inc., want us to think of her, and what are they going to want us to think next hour? Is she a girl now, or is she a man? Is she smart, or do we only focus on her waistline and below? This is a question, a series of questions that her attitude is arousing in me. Is she running as a girl, is she running as a strong woman, is she running as a woman who is like a man? These are all messages they have used. No, no, no, they have. I’m not trying to be funny. They have used these messages out of Clinton, Inc., throughout this whole campaign. Is she running as a girl? Is she running as a strong woman? Is she running as a woman who is like a man? You have forgotten, ladies and gentlemen, we have parodied this circumstance before. Let’s go back to the archives, the Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites. John Edwards singing the tunes. Do we have the John Edwards song? The broadcast engineer failed to follow directions issued 25 minutes ago to get the song and have it standing by, so a brilliantly executed monologue capped off… Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. The broadcast engineer just happened to find it in the nick of time. Remember, this wasn’t this long ago, we parodied this whole Hillary is a man, woman business with this.

(Playing of More of a Woman Than You parody song.)

RUSH: Hillary was trying to play the girl card once before.

(Song continues.)

RUSH: More of a Woman Than You. That’s the Breck Girl, John Edwards, as sung by Paul Shanklin — a well-known white comedian. You know, seriously, as soon as Mrs. Clinton comes under some minor little attack from weak opponents like Obama or Edwards, she immediately resorts to the girl argument.

‘I’m just a girl! You can’t hit the girl.’

This is not gutsy. This is not courageous. This is just pandering.


RUSH: So Mr. Snerdley tells me that during his first tour of the flashing yellow lights on our phone console, that a number of liberals have managed to get in and worm their way into the broadcast. They have not hung around to be placed on hold, but it seems that they are quite upset that I’m sounding like a broken record, talking about Mrs. Clinton. Really? You libs, you can’t fool me like this. You are trying to make me think that I’m boring the audience so that I will stop talking about Mrs. Clinton, because you are just like she is. You cannot handle criticism of her. You know, the truth always sends liberals into orbit. The truth — anything that counteracts the silly, little cocoon of lies and deceit, the web of deceit that they have woven in which they survive, thrive, and live, anything that penetrates, pokes through that — they just can’t handle it, and that’s when political correctness or censorship pops up, and that’s when they want you to shut up. When you libs are calling in, I recognize the tick, the technique. I know what you’re trying to do out there, and it won’t work. I am a highly trained broadcast specialist, and I follow my instincts. Here’s Obama, by the way. Obama is trying to capitalize. This is on the Today show today. He was being interviewed by Matt Lauer, who said, ‘Senator Obama, it sounds to me that I just heard the gender card drop with Mrs. Clinton’s statement up there at Wellesley. How are you going to deal with this?’

OBAMA: I hope that Senator Clinton wants to be treated like everybody else.

RUSH: Oh, come on!

OBAMA: Uh, when we had a debate back in Iowa —

RUSH: Come on, Barry.

OBAMA: — a while back, we spent, I think, the first 15 minutes of the debate hittin’ me, uh, on various foreign policy issues, and, uh, I didn’t come out and say, ‘Look, I’m being hit on because, uh, I look different from the rest of the folks on the stage. It doesn’t make sense for her, after having run that way for eight months, uh, the first time that people start challenging, uh, her point of view that suddenly she backs off and says, ‘Don’t pick on me.’

RUSH: That’s a pretty good choice of words, but could you say something like that with a little energy, with a little oompff and maybe with half the words so they will have more power? He just, you know, tries to get in there and duke it out with her, but he just doesn’t have it in him. He sounded like he’s whining here, too. (whining) ‘Well, when they said it about me, I never said anything, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah.’


RUSH: Now, back to Hillary for one more minute — just to irritate you libs. (laughter) ‘Make him stop!’ The situation with all the people in the media, is kind of divided. I have print stories here, where they really are embarrassed that Hillary has played this card. They’re embarrassed that she thinks that she got beat up. It’s the television, the broadcast people who are really circling the wagons for her. But, to me, this is the bottom line. You know, as a conservative, I’m considered to be a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, jerk, a chauvinist pig, and this kind of thing. But I’ll tell you, it really demeans women out there, as a group, when the liberal-female elites like Hillary Clinton claim to have their vote sewn up simply because they share the same gender.

I think these elite feminist-type women come along and say, ‘I’m a woman. All women are going to vote for me, gender related. We’re all victims. We’ve all been oppressed by predatory men and so forth.’ Think about this, folks. Seriously. They have gotten away with the most base kind of argument, and it is an argument that the media laps up, they did it in the French elections. Ségolène Royal was going to score huge and score big, and she didn’t even get 50% of the female vote, and everybody over there couldn’t figure it out. Now they’ve just treated women like they’re monolithic. They don’t have individual brains whatsoever. These liberal elite women think of women the same way sleazy guys do: from the waist down. Well, you’re playing the gender card. If you’re Mrs. Clinton, if you’re an elite liberal feminist, you’re playing the gender card, and you expect every woman to vote for you because she’s a woman, what are you looking at? You’re looking at the waist down. You’re not looking at the head. You’re certainly not looking at the brain. With sleazy guys, how do they look at women? From the waist down. They may give a cursive glance at the face. It’s an excellent comparison, and these elite women are thought of as elites. They’re so many IQ points smarter than everybody else. It’s like everything else about liberalism: It’s condescending, and for those of you women who are out there being targeted by Mrs. Clinton because you are a woman, you’re being insulted. You are being held in contempt. You’re being condescended to.


RUSH: Linda in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. It is a pleasure to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you.

CALLER: God bless you. You are great. I’m glad you run America. I just wanted to ask you to continue goading Tim Russert and Brian Williams and all the other journalists out there not to wimp out on Mrs. Clinton and put their tail between their legs and slink off like scared puppies the way that Chris Matthews does every time he interviews her. He practically kisses her feet in fear.

RUSH: Well, she does have a testicle lockbox.

CALLER: (laughing) Well, you know, we have to challenge her.

RUSH: This is Nurse Ratched. This is what makes this girl card and the victim, ‘Oh, they’re hitting the girl!’ Nurse Ratched never got hit by anyone. Nurse Ratched was the one abusing people. This is so phony, it is so beneath anybody. Obama had it right, he just didn’t say it well.

CALLER: You’re right. You’re right, but, you know, Putin doesn’t care if she’s a woman; the ChiComs don’t care if she’s a woman; the Islamic terrorists don’t care if she’s a woman. And we need journalists to really challenge her to come out of the closet and give her true answers to what they’re asking. And they did a great job. I think Russert did a great job, and he ought to keep doing a great job and so should all the rest of the journalists.

RUSH: Well, that’s an interesting point here. I’ve got this whole Hillary stack, and I was going to space it out, use it a little bit here and there during the course of the program, but one of the things that I’m starting to detect, and this is in the print media, the broadcast guys, I’m talking about the cable TV clowns, but the broadcast guys, they’re pretty much still carrying her water and spinning, the cable guys are, they’re spinning for her. But the print people are a little dismayed that she’s playing this victim card. They’re not happy about it. In fact, they’re a little dismayed that she won’t answer any questions. Here’s our old buddy Ron Fournier at the Associated Press: ‘Hillary a victim? Hardly,’ is the headline. You want to hear a couple of things from this story? ‘Clinton’s rivals for the Democratic nomination seized on her refusal to give straight answers about Social Security, immigration, her White House-era documents and other important issues. They hope to further the perception that she is slippery and overly political.’

Rather than rebut her rivals’ charges or confront the issues with facts and details, Clinton accused her rivals of ganging up on her. So rather than answer the questions and rather than deal with the issues, ‘They’re hitting me! I’m a girl! They’re ganging up on me!’ It’s almost like some places they’re portraying this like a gang rape, folks. They’re withering, blistering attacks. They were nothing! And then Fournier says, ‘Clinton’s advisor, speaking on condition of anonymity because they’re not authorized to discuss internal matters…’ yet they’re doing it anyway ‘…said there is a clear and long-planned strategy to fend off attacks by accusing her male rivals of gathering against her. The idea is to change the subject while making Clinton a sympathetic figure, especially among female voters who often feel outnumbered and bullied on the job. The victim is a familiar role for Clinton. She has an alternative, though, to this risky piling-on defense,’ writes Mr. Fournier. ‘She could undercut her rivals’ criticism by simply coming clean on…’ Answer the questions! People are ganging up on her because she won’t answer anything. She’s hiding her agenda. She’s trying to have it both ways, and her opponents are getting a little fed up and tired with the media letting her get away with it. Russert didn’t let her get away with it the other night and now it’s time to play the victim card. Long-planned strategy, play the victim, play the girl.


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