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RUSH: We’ll start with Ernesto, Asbury Park, New Jersey. It’s nice to have you on the program, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Thank you. There is a UK Telegraph article linked on the Drudge Report that ranks America’s most influential conservative and liberals.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: And I notice that on our side, Rudy Giuliani is number one, and you are number five. I kind of take that personally, because I think your stock is undervalued because I feel you represent the American conservative better than anyone.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir, very much. I myself thought that I should have finished in the number-one position in this poll, just like I thought I should have won the Nobel Peace Prize. But you can’t win everything, and they can’t take the Peace Prize nomination away from me ever and I’ll always be number five in the poll. But I do have to tell you, I’m stunned. When this whole thing started Monday, they did 20 a day all week.

When this thing started on Monday I had friends of mine saying, ‘You know, you’re going to be number one.’

I said, ‘Nope. It ain’t going to happen. I’ll be lucky to crack the top 50,’ and then when I made the top 50, I said, ‘Whoa.’ Then I made the top 40, top 30. But I said, ‘I’m not going to be number one; it’s gonna be some elected official or somebody running for office who will be number one.’ Lo and behold, it’s Rudy. Now, Rudy is a good guy, but Rudy is not leading a conservative movement at all, and doesn’t intend to. There’s nobody else out there that is leading a conservative movement that’s running for office. The conservative movement right now is being led by media people, and that’s why a lot of them end up in that list. But, you know, there’s a lot of strange rankings. I can’t mention any names here, but there’s some really, really strange placements there that, trust me, Ernesto, make no sense.

CALLER: Can I make another comparison?

RUSH: Well, by all means, feel free.

CALLER: If you look at the most influential liberals in comparison to the most influential conservatives, most of the conservatives are unimpeachable in terms of accomplishment and character. When you look at the liberals, they’ve been impeached. So it’s kind of disturbing.

RUSH: Yeah, I know. But, look, these lists are silly because obviously the guy that wrote these lists, it’s his personal view, after studying it. I’m sure he gave it the best shot. But I’ll tell you what I like about it. At least it’s not from TIME magazine. You know, it’s not from Vanity Fair. We’ve actually got a British paper that put this together, and in some sense, some ways it’s far more representative of the truth than some of the pop culture lists that you get from TIME, Vanity Fair, Vogue, whatever, these kind of things. It’s just nice to see another list that people were paying attention to, taken seriously. Ernesto, thanks for the call. I appreciate it.

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