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RUSH: Mike in Austin, Texas. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I just wanted to call about the whole NBC green thing they got going on, and just remind you that General Electric is putting forth a lot of capital spending right now, trying to get ahead of the curve of this whole emissions controls that I think they see coming down the track, and I think this is all part of the strategy.

RUSH: You mean, when you say try to get a hold of the emissions control, the regulation, you think they’re trying to get ahead of government?

CALLER: I do. I think they see it coming down the track, and, you know, they got all these outlets to go out there and push it, and it could either be a big strategic boom for them or it could be a bust with the money that they’re spending.

RUSH: Well, what would be the purpose here, just to keep government off their backs by showing, ‘Hey, we’re the leaders in this. Leave us alone’?

CALLER: I think it gives them a strategic advantage to be ahead of the curve with what they’re doing right now, so when the controls are forced upon everybody, they’re going to already be there, and everybody else is going to have to catch up.

RUSH: Yeah? Perhaps so. You know, I don’t like —

CALLER: It’s a different angle.

RUSH: Well, I’m sure there’s money involved. There’s no question money is involved, especially when you’ve got a corporation there’s money involved, and they clearly think that there’s a profit opportunity here, somehow — probably more than anything else, relating to what they think is a majority opinion that there is warming going on, and so if they if they could portray themselves as green and all this, supposedly people be more loyal, and then will watch NBC’s bad shows. But nobody’s going to watch a bad show just because the corporation producing it is on the ‘right side’ of the so-called environmental hoax.

CALLER: Yeah, but I think they have control of the news outlets.

RUSH: Well, they’ve got control of one news outlet. But their news outlet is not regulated.

CALLER: Yeah, well, it’s just another angle to think about.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. As I was going to say, I hate anecdotal stories, folks. I really do because they’re not scientific. I want to share with you some little observations from where we live in south Florida, because I think it isn’t going to be very long before a bunch of people are going to wake up in the midst of all this global warming hype and realize it’s getting colder. Down here — I’ve been here since 1997 — and the high humidity of summer, usually up until four years ago, lasted ’til the middle of December, and temperatures of high eighties, sometimes low nineties, all the way ’til the first week in December. The last three years… I remember last Thanksgiving I had the whole family here and Thanksgiving week, the first three days the high temperature barely made it to 68 degrees. We’ve already had — we haven’t had record cold, but it’s nowhere near the humidity is gone now, and it’s chilly out there at night, and we’re just barely into November. This has not happened since I have been here. Now, I haven’t been here forever. I’ve only been here since 1997, but I’m telling you my personal observations are that where we live it’s getting chillier earlier in the winter.

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