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As I’m sure you’ve heard, Pakistan’s General Musharraf has declared a state of emergency and has rounded up the opposition. Now, this news is being reported here through the political prism of the American left as a “black eye” for President Bush.

But there are larger issues at stake besides the Drive-By Media focus on how these events can be used to criticize the Bush presidency.

In recent weeks, folks, terrorists– believed to be Al-Qaeda– leveled attacks against Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan’s ex-Prime Minister, narrowly missing her; killed over 130 people (Clinton once had a crush on her). That attack was just the latest of the large-scale killings in Pakistan, largely unreported here.

Recently, Jordan sentenced an Al-Qaeda terrorist to death for killing 19 people at their Iraq embassy. (Al-Qaeda is still active in the Horn of Africa and all over Asia.)

Now, this is a global war, folks! I mean, if you went to an American public school, you may not know that Pakistan has something in common with Iraq and Afghanistan: They all share a border with Iran. The same Iran that’s a state-sponsor of terrorism; the same Iran that’s nuking up; the same Iran that’s making alliances with our foes, like Hugo Chavez.

For the sake of politics, liberal Democrats and their Drive-By buddies ignore the global dimensions of this war. Iraq is just one theater, but the entire region is at risk– and any country (among our allies) that falls to terrorists places us directly in harm’s way. Don’t forget it, and don’t doubt me.

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