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RUSH: Kenai, Alaska, and Angie. Thank you for waiting and welcome to the program.

CALLER: High. It’s ‘keen-eye,’ but my point —

RUSH: Picky, picky, picky!

CALLER: (laughter) I would really like Washington to just take its nose and stick it somewhere else other than Alaska environmental issues.

RUSH: You know what? A lot of us would like to tell the federal government to stick its nose somewhere else about a lot of things, so I totally understand your sentiment.

CALLER: Yeah, it’s really upsetting to me. I’m the wife of an Eskimo who was brought up on the Yukon River, and he completely thinks that the subsistence way of life cannot go back to the way it was. He said there are elements of it that are good, but he has no feelings whatsoever about ever going back to the way it was. He’s very happy the way he is now. He still gets to spend his time on the water, using a modern boat that uses diesel, that pollutes the air, and provides us with a living that he could never have on, quote, unquote —

RUSH: Amen.

CALLER: — ‘subsistence life.’

RUSH: Amen, amen. Look, I know, folks. I know a lot of you have probably thought that I’ve sounded harsh today. So if you have, let me add to it here with one more comment. I understand the romantic notion of wanting a simpler time. We all do. I would love for the fifties and sixties, where you could buy a giant car with huge fins on it and be able to put some of the modern gizmos in it. I’d love to be able to let kids go out of the house and not worry for four or five hours where they are and leave the doors unlocked, but we can’t. It’s a fantasy. The idea of taking lifestyles and progress and throwing them overboard and moving back is something that if there are just a few, a little minority group of people — I don’t care where they are, the Eskimos, I don’t care who they are — they should not be allowed to dictate the progress and the growth that this country is known for and famous for that the people of this country expect and demand.

There is a thing called American exceptionalism, and there are people trying to derail it. These romantic notions — look where we are. In a group of 100 people, if two of them are offended about what is said, about what is done, smoking — guess what happens? The 98% have to stop and go along with 2% of the whiners and moaners. It’s got to stop. So a bunch of people, a relatively small bunch of people who want to take the country backwards should not be allowed to succeed. Why do you think the global warming movement is embracing them? Because that’s exactly what they want to do. It’s not because they want to go backwards. They want to change capitalism to socialism, which will accomplish the same thing — except they will be exempted. They will not live under the same rules that they establish for one and all. I guaran-damn-tee you, folks. If the day ever came to where the biggest car you could buy is one of these little bubbles that you see driving around Europe, I guarantee you that the leaders of the country and the leaders of movements would have their SUVs. They would have their airplanes. They would have all of their creature comforts that they want.

You wouldn’t.

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