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RUSH: Yesterday, folks, we were going to talk a little bit about Hillary, but I cut back. (interruption) If you point at me and start mouthing at me without talking — (interruption) that’s exactly right, that’s exactly right. (interruption) What Snerdley? He’s pointing at me and he’s shouting at me, but, of course, he didn’t turn on the IFB mic, so I have no clue what he’s saying. He just told me, ‘This is why they hate you. You got this whole thing started over a week ago over this illegal immigrant driver’s license thing, and now it’s mushroomed, and the Clinton support teams are trying all kinds of different strategies to make this go away, and it’s not going away.’ Yes, you’re right, Mr. Snerdley, it will result in a much, much larger target on my front and on my back. We’re going to go back and relive this whole thing. I think it’s time now, because there’s been enough time past, people may not realize what this is all about, what started this.

Clinton’s out there attacking Obama. Obama’s attacking Clinton. The Hillary team’s debating what color her pantsuit should be in the next debate, should it be black to show power, or should it be pink or orange to show lady ruffles and this sort of thing. Dawn, they are. This is what happens. Of course, she says, ‘I’m your girl,’ and, when you’re a girl, you’ve gotta worry about your wardrobe and what it says about you, what it projects. This is what we’re dealing with here in a presidential campaign. So anyway, we’re going to go back and we’re going to relive this and get you up to speed with some of the current comments because now people are starting to wonder — this is really funny — people are starting to wonder if Bill Clinton is trying to sabotage Hillary with the things that he’s doing and saying. Does he really want her to be a president? Does he really want her in the Oval Office? Does he really want to have an East Wing office, you know, first ladies are in the East Wing.


RUSH: By the way, Rasmussen has poll out. Hillary is plummeting. She remains the front-runner — front burner, front-runner — but by a narrower margin out there. Her lead in New Hampshire over Obama has narrowed from 16% prior to the debate to 10% after the debate, she’s lost six points, and she’s going to keep losing more as long as the story stays alive, which we are going to keep alive. She’s down. See, previous… Hold it. She’s never fallen below 37% in New Hampshire. Today she’s at 34%. So she’s plummeting out there in some of these states.


RUSH: This is the AP. This is our old buddy Nedra Pickler. ‘Bill Clinton was hit with caustic criticism Tuesday from his wife’s Democratic rivals, who accused the popular former president of falsely comparing questions about her candor to smears of past campaigns.’ They tried the Swift Boat thing and it didn’t work. Bill went out there and said the same thing happened with John Kerry, the Swift Boat stuff. Didn’t fly. The strategery of, oh, poor little girl, you can’t hit the girl, just minding her own business. That didn’t fly. So they’re up there in Chappaqua strategerizing now trying to figure out how to get out of this mess. ‘The week after Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign accused her rivals of ‘piling on,” Boy, you just don’t want to see that mental image of the Democrat candidates piling on Hillary — ooh. When I first heard that, you know, I came up with a better phrase so as not to create that image. Anyway, they showed no signs of easing up in the piling-on. Her opponents ‘even went so far as to criticize the former president, a strategy that comes with risks in a party filled with voters who admire him.’ (laughter) That’s not the risk.

Democrats don’t like Clinton, Inc., turned on them. Well, well, well. You know, Obama has criticized Hillary Clinton’s drive. She wants this too much. She’s too calculating. She’s too secretive. He’s out there attacking Bill Clinton because Clinton attacked him. See, in the media’s eyes, you can’t touch these people. You can’t criticize the Clintons. You can’t talk about them. You can’t be critical, and it’s a risky strategy, so many Democrat voters love Bill Clinton because he rescued the party from oblivion in the nineties. The real risk is having Clinton, Inc., the Clinton war room, aimed at you. Snerdley had it right at the top of the program. This is why they so despise me, because this story has been going on over a week, and it was started by me. I put that question about driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants out there in the media, and it got picked up by Russert. We’ll never know if that’s actually how it happened, but if not, it’s a very unique coincidence.

Let’s review Russert’s question. This is about not releasing her records of communications between herself and her husband when he was president and she was co-president. She’s saying, ‘I’ve got all this experience,’ and they won’t release any of these documents so everybody can see what really happened. Well, we’re going to release the health care task force documents. We don’t care about those. We know what a debacle that was. We know what you tried to do there. It’s the documents that detail your conversations with Bill about other stuff, like Lewinsky and Paula Jones and other policy things like the selection of Janet Reno as attorney general, if you participated in that. You’re going to be selecting attorney general and we want to know what role you played. These are the documents they’re talking about hiding. Well, they’re making some show that the archives are in the process of getting them out. But, as Newsweek pointed out earlier this week, well, I’ll mention it after the bite because it’s relevant. Tim Russert said, ‘In terms of your experience as first lady, in order to give the American people an opportunity to make a judgment about your experience, would you allow the National Archives to release the documents about your communications with the president, the advice you gave? Because you well know, President Clinton has asked the National Archives not to do anything until 2012.’

HILLARY: Well, actually, Tim, the archives is moving as rapidly as the archives moves. There’s about 20 million pieces of paper there. And they are moving and they are releasing as they do their process, and I am fully in favor of that.

RUSSERT: But there was a letter written by President Clinton specifically asking that any communication between you and the president not be made available to the public until 2012. Would you lift that ban?

HILLARY: Well, that’s not my decision to make, and I don’t believe that any president or first lady ever has, but certainly we’ll move as quickly as our circumstances and the processes of the National Archives permits.

RUSH: Now, what was unknown at the time was that Bill Clinton had appointed two people to supervisor the handling and the archiving of these records, these documents at his Library and Massage Parlor in Little Rock. Those two people were Bruce Lindsey and Hillary Rodham Clinton! She knew full well when she answered this question that she was involved. When she said, ‘Well, that’s not my decision to make, and I don’t believe that any president or first lady ever has.’ There are some documents that they have said we’re not going to release ’til after 2009 or until 2009. This is not going away. The Clintons expect that whenever they say something, issue a denial or make another lie or refuse to answer, that that’s it, that the question gets dropped. But for some reason, some of her opponents in the primaries here have decided not to let go of this, and some in the Drive-By Media haven’t, either. Drive-By Media is upset that she pulled the gender card. Now they’re making fun of the strategeral moves that she’s making to try to handle the damage.

You know, everybody talks about how secretive the Bush administration is. The Bush administration can’t hold a candle to the Clintons and secrecy. You also would think — just a human nature thing — that if these documents showed brilliance, if they showed great decisions, if they showed a woman really, really involved in some of the great, quote, unquote, things the administration did, don’t you think they’d be eager to get them out there? By the same token, this reluctance and this hiding behind, ‘Well, presidents have a right,’ and they do. They can sequester these documents for whatever length of time they want. They’re not doing anything illegal here. But don’t you think that if there was something good in there they’d get it out, and if there was something bad in there they would be trying to hide it? So their move here, their strategery is leading a lot of people to wonder, ‘What are they trying to hide?’ We thought she was the smartest woman in the world. If they’ve got evidence of what a brilliant first lady and co-president she was, I just think that they would be out there. Now, Clinton, he decided to go after Russert. This is next in the timeline here, wagging his finger over Russert’s question about his records. This is last Friday in Redmond, Washington. He was out there doing some motivational talk to the Microsoft employees. This is a little bit off mic, but this is what he said about Hillary and Russert in the debate.

CLINTON: All my born days in watching presidential debates, Tim Russert holding that letter up to my wife and telling the American people that that was a letter from me to the Archives to cover up records involving her, and to make sure none were released by 2009. That is what he said. Do you agree that’s what he said? You asked the question, so I’m asking. Why did you ask the question? Because of what he said during the debate, right? What did he say? The truth is Hillary didn’t know what he was talking about. The implication was that in the last few weeks since she’s been a candidate, I had endeavored to cover up records involving her. Do you agree with that? That was what people thought when they heard that question.

RUSH: Well, it’s true! You got those records sequestered. But what also is not true, ‘Hillary didn’t know a thing about that.’ She did! You put her in charge, along with Bruce Lindsey, of archiving these documents. ‘Hillary didn’t know anything.’ Newsweek said that, anyway. Newsweek reported it this week. Clinton then went on to explain the facts and how Russert’s question was breathtakingly misleading.

CLINTON: She was incidental to the letter. It was done five years ago. It was a letter to speed up presidential releases, not to slow them down. And she didn’t even, didn’t know what he was talking about. And now that I described to you what the letter said, you can readily understand why she didn’t know what he was talking about. It was breathtakingly misleading. Now, I don’t know whether Tim Russert, I’ve never seen him deliberately mislead people before. So, it could be that he just read what was in Newsweek, which is also dead wrong, and believed that because it was in Newsweek, it was the Gospel.

RUSH: Now they’re trying to deny that they’ve put a far-off date as the release date for these documents? They did do that. And now they’re trying to speed the process up? Uh, something doesn’t fly here, folks, something is very, very fishy, and very, very defensive here, I might add, that they are breathtakingly misleading. Hillary didn’t even know what he was talking about? How can they continue to portray this woman as the smartest woman in the world, hands on, she knows everything. She knows nothing when controversy comes up. She’s as ignorant as that lamppost down your street. She has absolutely no clue, she says, what’s going on with any of this, and nobody believes it. Clinton says this. We all sit here and marvel at Clinton’s lying, and we sit here and marvel at Hillary’s lying. They don’t think they are. It’s an interesting psychological thing, and I read a story today that some psychologists, psychiatrists have done studies. They took two groups of people: people that are very moral and trying to be very moral all over the place, and asked them if they ever cheated, and another group, asked them, do you ever not cheat, do you try to be as ethical as possible. They found that both groups thought that they were the epitome of morality and virtue, including the people who admitted that they cheat and will lie. That was their morality.

Now, the conclusion here is that you make up your own morality. Is when Clinton says, ‘I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky, not a single time, ever. I never asked anybody to lie,’ he believes it! His morality, and his ethics, and what he’s trying to protect, allow him to say that in his mind with no guilt or conscience whatsoever. It’s sort of like a pathological liar. They tell their lies often enough that they often think that what they lie about was the truth. Bob Kerrey, ‘he’s an unusually good liar.’ That’s because he has no shame, no consequence, no guilt, conscience whatsoever about any of it, so he can sound like, ‘well, she didn’t know about that,’ when she was in charge of it, ‘I never told anybody to hide those documents. We’re trying to speed those documents up. I don’t know what Russert’s talking about.’ He can pull this stuff off as though it’s the truth because, in his mind, it is, and because he says it’s the truth. The truth is an abstract thing. What he says is the truth in his mind is the truth, and the same thing with Hillary. She’s just not quite as good at it yet.


RUSH: Brent Bozell, the Media Research Center, has published a column on all of this. ‘Hillary’s Airtight Archives’ is what this column is entitled. They ran it yesterday. Let me give you a couple pull quotes from it. ‘Back in 1992, no one in the media banged a can as the Clintons failed to release federal tax returns from the late 1970s. Inside those returns was proof that Hillary Clinton had made a mysterious $100,000 fortune from a $1,000 investment in the highly risky cattle-futures market. It’s bad enough that the media to this very day have never gotten to the bottom of that smelly and mysterious quid pro quo with Hillary’s pal Jim Blair, the lobbyist for Tyson Chicken. How many more episodes of Team Clinton’s corruption are still locked away in Hillary’s airtight archives?’ ‘Many Hillary-loving pundits ganged up on Russert in 2000…’ I had forgotten this until I read the piece. ‘Many Hillary-loving pundits ganged up on Russert in 2000 when he asked Hillary in a Senate debate if she regretted misleading the American people when she claimed the Monica Lewinsky sexual sheananigans [sic] would not be ‘proven true’ and whether she would apologize for branding people who deplored the Lewinsky affair as a ‘vast-right wing conspiracy.’ Journalists from Geraldo Rivera to Gail Collins of the New York Times scorned Russert for punching below the belt.’ The point is that there is evidence of these people hiding all kinds of things, lying about all kinds of things. If your kid lies to you repeatedly, your first thought when he tells you anything is, he’s lying. Why is that not the assumption made with the Clintons when they tell you anything? It’d be a very intelligent and wise thing to do, to doubt them! Yet, so many people don’t seem to. They look past it because the Clintons represent something else to them, in large part: the only chance to beat the evil conservatives and Republicans.

Let’s go to Las Vegas. John, hi, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. You’re up first today.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I just want to show, me and my wife are registered independents, and we’ve been discussing at length, you know, what’s going on with Hillary and, you know, Bill’s comment that the good old boys are piling up on her, this poor little woman. My wife’s comment last night was, ‘Well, what’s going to happen when Ahmadinejad, and Putin, and Chavez, and Castro pile on to her, if and when she’s president? Is Bill going to come out or get on a plane and go to every capital in, you know, Russia and Iran and berate them about the way they’re treating Hillary?’ I mean, it’s utterly ridiculous. If she can’t stand up to the heat of these boys, how is she going to handle dictators?

RUSH: She can stand it. That’s not what this is about. Look, this is Nurse Ratched! This is the woman with the testicle lockbox. This is a woman about whom it’s said, ‘She’s not warm. She’s not friendly.’ All of these things are accurate portrayals. She’s not going to cower and blanch from anybody. She runs Bill’s life. She’s got him on, probably, a three-mile leash and he’s got three miles he can play around in, but beyond that, you know, she’ll start railing him in. She’s running this show. That’s what makes this even more reprehensible. It’s all an act to try to win the election! It’s nothing but positioning, and posturing and pandering, and it illustrates that she doesn’t have the talent to do this. What it adds up to is that she is not willing to show herself as she is in this campaign. So all of this, ‘The boys are piling on. It’s unfair. You can’t hit the girl.’ She probably laughs at that herself, but, if it’ll work, she’ll use it, because it did work once with Rick Lazio. So it’s just an old page in the playbook brought back to life. She’s not going to cower from anybody! Again, that’s what makes this so disingenuous. It’s all an act. Every bit of this is an act, from the driver’s license statements and flip-flops… Well, that wasn’t an act. She was caught short on that. She was totally unprepared. But the act is the various stratagems that they have used since then, to try to put this to bed, and it won’t go to bed. Nobody is willing to get in bed with her! They can’t put it to bed; they can’t put her to bed. (interruption) Well, that’s about as… Yeah, I agree. That’s about as disgusting as the ‘piling on’ analogy. I’m sorry.


RUSH: The latest from Hillary is, she’s now admitted that in the debate she wasn’t at her best. ‘I wasn’t at my best the other night in the debate.’ They tried everything they can to diffuse this and put it to bed.

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