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RUSH: James in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: How’s it going?

RUSH: Fine, sir, thank you.

CALLER: Good. I’m a college student here in Cedar Rapids at a community college, and last night Barack Obama was here and he was speaking, and I just wanted to know your opinion on his race, because I thought it was horrible. I have never heard so many contradicting statements in one speech. What is your opinion on Barack Obama?

RUSH: Well, he’s a liberal. I mean, all of these liberals are speaking in platitudes and phrases and slogans. They don’t dare tell you what they really think. Did you hear anything last night of a specific nature about, say, how to fix illegal immigration, or what to do about the health care so-called crisis in America?

CALLER: No, I never heard how to fix it, how he was going to fix it, once, never.

RUSH: No. You heard things like, ‘We need to revitalize our image in the world. We need to make sure that people respect us again. We need change in Washington, and we need to change the status quo,’ things like that, right?

CALLER: Yeah. Things like, ‘I promise to do that and I promise to do this,’ but no hows, exactly.

RUSH: Right, and did he have much energy when he was speaking?

CALLER: No, and I’ve never heard so many ums, a’s, it’s, buts, he said but and a, he had more de-fluencies in his speech than a high school girl.

RUSH: Yeah. (laughter) Come up for air in there, Snerdley. (laughter) There was a story yesterday, James — by the way, are you inclined to vote for a Democrat or Obama, is that why you went?

CALLER: No, I am a hard-core conservative Republican.

RUSH: All right. So you just went to be educated. Very good. Very good of you. They said Obama is going to turn up the heat on Hillary. He can’t turn up the heat on a teapot, folks, and this shows it.

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