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RUSH: By the way, this next stuff is great. Let me preface it by giving you a little story here of what’s going on out in San Francisco. ‘National civil rights organizations are celebrating the passage by the House of legislation that would add ‘sexual orientation’ to a list of federally protected classes, but some San Francisco groups refuse to take part in the party.’ They’re not happy about it. They are the transgender and transsexuals, and they’re at the back of the bus on this civil rights issue. ‘The vote Wednesday on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, also known as ENDA…was ultimately revised to remove protection for transgender workers, which upset gay rights groups here and across the country. … ‘People are livid,’ said John Newsome, co-founder of And Castro for All, a bias awareness group. ‘If the first step out of the gate leaves people behind, it is an ill-conceived first step.” Barney Frank was getting tarred and feathered over this, and he told the transgenders and the transsexuals (paraphrased), ‘Just take your time. You’re going to screw up this whole thing. We’ll get this done in steps,’ but they’re not listening. They’re not happy. Here’s John Lewis, who marched with Dr. King and got beat upside the head several times in the Selma march and so forth, late yesterday on the floor of the House of Representatives.

LEWIS: I, for one, fought too long and too hard to end discrimination based on race and color, not to stand up against discrimination against our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. During the 1960s, we broke down those signs that said ‘white’ and ‘colored.’ Call it what you mean, to discriminate against someone because they are gay, is wrong, it is wrong! It is not right. Today we have an opportunity to bring down those signs! Now is the time to do what is right, what is fair, what is just! The time is always right to do right. Let us pass this bill.

RUSH: And next up, Barney Frank, a portion of his remarks.

FRANK: I feel an obligation to 15-year-olds dreading to go to school because of the torments, to people afraid they’ll lose their job in a gas station if someone finds out who they are. I feel an obligation to use the status I have been lucky enough to get to help them, and I want to ask my colleagues here, Mr. Speaker, on a personal basis, ‘Please, don’t fall for this sham. Don’t send me out of here having failed to help those people.’ Yeah, this is personal. There are people who are your fellow citizens being discriminated against. We have a simple bill that says, ‘You can go to work and be judged on how you work, and not be penalized.’ Please don’t turn your back on them. (applause)

RUSH: Yup. San Francisco values have to be brought to the House of Representatives here, and guess who the speaker is? Speaker is Nancy Pelosi.

PELOSI: It’s not that we’re tolerant in my district in California and San Francisco. It’s that we have so much respect for the role that each person plays in our society. So tolerance, maybe. Respect, definitely. But let me also add, that it is the pride that we take in that diversity, and it is the pride that I take in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community that brings me to the floor today to urge a ‘yes’ vote on this important legislation.

RUSH: But it left out the transgenders! It left out the transsexuals, and they’re casting this as a civil rights issue. The transgenders and transsexuals were told by the House of Representatives to go to the back of the bus. That’s what your House of Representatives was doing yesterday, ladies and gentlemen.

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