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RUSH: Yesterday on The View, the female chick chat show, the actor/comedian Damon Wayans talking about the Don Imus situation.

WAYANS: It’s freedom of speech. What happened to that? What happened to expressing yourself? At least I know where he stands.

BEHAR: Yeah.

WAYANS: And you know what? When he called them that, he called them nappy headed hos, I went, wow, he’s right. (laughter)

BEHAR: They’re not hos. They’re very smart girls.

WAYANS: No, you see, we say that. I’m saying black people can say that about each other.

BEHAR: These girls are not hos. They’re highly respected sports girls.

WAYANS: Listen, listen. It’s a joke. You know what? Black people at home laughing right now. White people are sitting there going, ‘That’s not right,’ you know? (laughter) This is — it’s all cultural. It’s cultural.

RUSH: I’ll bet he’s right about that. I’ll bet black people were laughing themselves silly about this whole thing. ‘Look at how the white people are going nuts over the — (laughing) here’s why we can say it’s true.’ He was right. Later on Whoopi Goldberg said, ‘You’re a single guy, but you said you’re having a hard time settling down with a woman. I don’t believe that. What are you talking about?’

WAYANS: Women today, most women I run into, don’t want to do the fundamentals. They don’t cook …

BEHAR: The fundamentals.


WAYANS: It’s a joke trying to get a woman to cook.

WALTERS: Why don’t you cook?

WAYANS: Why don’t I cook?

ALL: Yeah!

WAYANS: Because I make the money so she can make something to cook. (screeching audience)

RUSH: Okay, this is funny, this is great stuff, but, do you realize, he says this, there was not a peep. They’re laughing about it. They’re having a grand old time. Nobody was offended and so forth. You let somebody else go on that show and say these exact same things and their career might be over. Here are all these babes, they’re laughing, there’s Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar laughing and having a wonderful, wonderful time.

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