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RUSH: I have a little piece here from Jon Friedman, his media weblog at MarketWatch. I guess TIME Magazine brought in a bunch of people to help him come up with a list of potential people of the year for the ultimate Person of the Year, and this guy says, ‘After attending TIME’s discussion of who should be their magazine’s Person of the Year, I have reached two conclusions. One, Al Gore looks like a shoe-in, and number two, TIME Magazine’s blowing a major journalistic and marketing opportunity by bestowing only one award.’ Now, look, I’m not taking any of this personally. But I don’t know how I can not be at least on the list of consideration for TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year. I’m a Nobel Peace Prize nominee myself. I didn’t win it, but look at what I did do. I don’t want to brag. I don’t want to go through the whole list of things here, but it is I who have single-handedly turned the Democrat nomination process on its ear. Mrs. Clinton never had two weeks in a row of this kind of stumbling and attention, not when she was running for the Senate, and not when she was running as co-president. I single-handedly, ladies and gentlemen, turned a smear attempt by the United States Senate Majority Leader into a slap-down of the United States Senate. The Drive-By Media didn’t cover it. The influence that this program exerts throughout the political process, the optimism this program spreads throughout the country. I know it will never happen, folks. I never even get put on TIME’s 100 most influential people of the year list. Whoopi Goldberg makes it, whose radio show is now failing big time. It’s being cancelled all over the place. She doesn’t care. She’s only using it to get back on television, which she’s done at The View.

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