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Rush’s Morning Update: Report Card
November 13, 2007

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The Pew Research Center reports that a growing number of African-Americans believe they’re worse off than they were five years ago. No surprise, given the doom-and-gloom coverage of racial issues these past years from the drive-by media. Less than half think their future is going to be any brighter.

Two thirds say there’s a growing difference of values between poor and middle-class blacks. Most believe there’s widespread discrimination; especially when applying for a job or seeking housing. But here’s an interesting tidbit that won’t get much press. The majority of African-Americans — 53 percent — say that they themselves are mainly responsible for their position in life. This acknowledgment marks a new trend that has emerged in the last decade, according to Pew.

And there’s another study, this one compiled by the Brookings Institution on incomes. Minorities are hardest hit — even though incomes rose for blacks and whites, on average. Income rose most for women — white women and black women. White men suffered stagnation, and the income among black men actually dropped.

The reasons cited for lack of progress among blacks are familiar: African-Americans get inferior education, from inferior government schools, in the Democrat-controlled cities the majority live in. They face workplace discrimination in those “blue” cities. And there are too many single-parent families in the blue-city homes they live in.

In short, we have another report card on liberal, blue-state social policies … and once again — we’ve got failing grades!

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