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RUSH: We go to Chicago next on the phones. This is Tina. Welcome. It’s nice to have you with us on the Rush Limbaugh program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. My husband and I are the statistic that you are talking about. He came here with nothing, not a penny to his name, off a boat, got his citizenship, spent seven years in the Armed Forces to pay this country back for his freedom. Liberals only care about the poor when you stay poor. They don’t want you to become, you know, in the rich department.

RUSH: Boy, that’s exactly right, but I need some more details. Did your husband come without you? Did you meet him after he got here?

CALLER: I met him shortly after he got here.

RUSH: When did he get here?

CALLER: He got here in 1980.

RUSH: Where did he come from?

CALLER: He came from Cuba.

RUSH: He came from Cuba. Okay. He gets here 1980, seven years, without a penny, meets you, then has even less (laughing).

CALLER: Well, I met him before. I met him a couple years after when he came here. He learned English immediately. He went to school. He got his degrees. He was told over and over to get on welfare, that the government would pay for his education, his master’s degree, his bachelor’s degrees, everything else that we’ve done. We’ve paid every single penny. We ate rice and beans. We heat our little tiny house with a pot of beans in the morning and it was warm all day because it cooks all day on the stove, and I’m telling you, we bought our quilts from secondhand stores and we had nothing, and we’ve paid for every single thing that we own today. We paid $50,000 in taxes last year, so, we’ve obviously become the target of the government. But we took nothing from this country. He owed this country when he came here. He owed this country for the freedoms that we have.

RUSH: What does he do?

CALLER: He does managerial work now.

RUSH: So you and he have gone from literally nothing —

CALLER: Nothing.

RUSH: — to now where you paid $50,000 in taxes last year — and you are so right: You are now a target.

CALLER: Yes — and absolutely — and, you know what? I have two children within my marriage that have the same last name as my husband. I’ve been a stay-at-home mother with them, with my girls. I’ve got my degree, but I work only if they’re in school and only when they became in school, where I would work a few days in the daytime, which I’ve done for 18 years. We never asked for anything. We never took anything. We voted Republican when we had nothing, and we vote Republican today because liberals only care about you if you stay poor. They don’t want you to become rich. They want you on welfare. They want you to have the five kids, to keep getting more welfare checks, and it’s a big lie. Liberalism is a big lie!

RUSH: Boy, you have people standing up all over the country cheering you, Tina — which, by the way, is one of my all-time, top-ten favorite female names.

CALLER: Well, thank you.

RUSH: It is.

CALLER: I’m glad you didn’t put me up right against the break because I had a lot to say and I could go on and on, and you know what? He came here with a degree from Cuba. He had a four-year engineering degree in Cuba. Do you think that did anything? No, it did not. He started from scratch. He went to get his high school diploma. He has two bachelor’s degrees, a master’s degree, and I have my bachelor’s degree and we’ve done it all on our own. We didn’t get any money from anybody. We’ve never received an inheritance. He doesn’t have a single solitary bit of family in this country, and we have done it on our own without the government’s help, thank you.

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