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RUSH: There’s a new video ad for Hillary Clinton. This is a Breitbart.com story, it’s AP: ‘Bill Clinton is developing a sideline as top performer on his wife’s comic Web videos. First was the Sopranos send up with the former president lamenting the lack of onion rings at the hometown diner. Now comes a video for young Iowa voters reassuring them that participating in the state’s caucuses on behalf of Hillary Rodham Clinton on Jan. 3 is simple. It opens with Clinton huffing on a treadmill envisioning a double cheeseburger. The point? ‘Exercising is hard,’ an announcer intones. Cut to former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack and his wife Christy, both Clinton backers, doing the twist. Again the announcer: ‘Dancing is hard.’ Cut to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s now famous off-key rendition of the ‘The Star-Spangled Banner.’ Cue the announcer: ‘Singing is hard.” And then it says, ”Caucusing is easy.’ Two teens appear on screen to explain that anyone of voting age by next year’s general election can caucus.’

So a new video out with Clinton trying to act funny and so forth. Here is the real question, ladies and gentlemen — and somebody needs to ask Bill Clinton this question. ‘Bill, why should we vote for this woman, your wife, if you yourself felt you couldn’t be loyal to her during your long marriage? Why should we be forced to pledge loyalty to this woman, Bill, when you wouldn’t?’ (interruption) Well, what’s wrong with that, Dawn? Is that not a legitimate question? (interruption) I’m going to get in trouble from who? How am I going to get in trouble for this? He’s out there campaigning for his wife. He wasn’t loyal to her. By the way, where’s Monica Lewinsky in this commercial saying, ‘Interning is hard. Caucusing is easy’? I’m serious. That’s a perfectly legitimate question. Why should we be loyal and devoted and so forth when he wasn’t? He knows her better than any of the rest of us.


RUSH: Gail in San Diego, it’s nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.


CALLER: Hi there. I’m calling about what you were talking about earlier about your article by Parker — and I’m not a feminist. I’m actually a teacher in California losing the education battle. Parker’s article says that women — you know, you mentioned that women would vote for Hillary because men were degrading her regarding her looks or whatever.

RUSH: If women hear men degrading or laughing at or making fun of her appearance and her attire and her demeanor, that that will forge a bond between women who will then vote for her because, you know, women can think that of her, but, you know, don’t let men say it.

CALLER: Well, I have to disagree with that, Rush, because I think women in general have way more common sense than that, than to vote for a woman for that reason. We may listen to it — we may listen to the men who are saying it, and say, ‘Oh, my God, that’s terrible that you said that about Hillary. How dare you?’ We may stick up for Hillary in a group of men who are talking that way about her, but I’ll tell you this, Rush: that would not influence me or any women that I know to go in the voting booth and vote for her, because I think women have way more sense than that. Women can see right through Hillary Clinton. The women I know, we can see exactly what’s going on with Hillary Clinton, and that is why I would never vote for her, and I just really recently have even gotten into politics. I’ve never been really that interested. But I started listening to your show. I started taking a little bit of an interest and, you know, not being happy with the education system in California, I’ve become really interested in all this where Hillary is concerned, because I am a woman, and it’s not that I wouldn’t love to see a woman in the office, but it wouldn’t be her. And the reason is, it’s just for that reason, because I can see through her, and I know a lot of women can. Therefore, I don’t agree that anybody I know — every woman, as an intelligent woman, would vote for Hillary for that reason.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. You keep saying, ‘women I know.’ I will agree with you that Kathleen Parker’s column did tend to make women monolithic in this regard. But do you remember the New York Times art critic by the name of Pauline Kael?

CALLER: No, I don’t.

RUSH: Well, back in 1972 when Richard Nixon won in a landslide, Pauline Kael has gone down in history for saying this: ‘How in the hell did Nixon win? I don’t know anybody that voted for him.’

CALLER: Well, I understand what you’re saying. But, you know, women just are very intuitive, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah, but wait a second, Gail, I have… Look, you are an intelligent and educated woman. The women early on, according to polling data, that were attracted to Mrs. Clinton were the uneducated and poor women. They’re making a move to the Clinton camp, those women. The educated women on the Democrat side, were actually floating towards Obama early on. There has been some shifting in it since, but, women who are not educated, not intelligent and they’re poor, might not look at this the same way you do.

CALLER: Well then, even if they just look at the fact that she was married to Bill while he was holding the highest office that you can hold in the United States, he blatantly cheats on her in the office itself physically.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah.

CALLER: And she just lets that go? I don’t care if you’re educated or not educated, if those uneducated women’s husbands did that they would feel the same way.

RUSH: Gail, the women I’m talking about wish that it had been them married to Clinton — (interruption) yes, Dawn, it’s true — and even some educated women. I’ll never forget this Nina Burleigh babe who at the time wrote for TIME Magazine who said she would give Clinton a ‘Lewinsky’ just because he’s kept abortion legal. A lot of women in the nineties were just dreaming that they could be in Hillary’s place even if he was cheating on her. The real question, as I asked, needs to be asked of Bill: ‘You’re out there telling everybody to vote for Hillary, but you weren’t loyal to her; why should we be?’ I still don’t understand how I’m going to get in trouble for this. (interruption) It is..? (interruption) Oh, really? That? Oh! I’m finally being honest. That’s hitting below the belt? Does that statement — I’m asking Dawn here — does that evoke sympathy for Mrs. Clinton?

Okay, Dawn says, ‘I still wouldn’t vote for her, but I just don’t think you need to say that.’ I think it’s brilliant. I’ll only get in trouble if Tim Russert asks that question, but nobody’s going to ask Clinton that question. I’m putting it out there for people to think about. You know nobody’s going to ask him that question. It’s a brilliant question. To think I’m going to get heat for that? It’s not even about Hillary. That’s in defense of Hillary. (interruption) All right. All right. All right. It’s always about the woman, and they want to know what about him? I’m biting my tongue because I know the answer to that question. What about Hillary made him cheat?

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