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Rush’s Morning Update: Insanity
November 16, 2007

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It’s pretty much agreed now: The American military is winning the war in Iraq –they’ve all but driven Al-Qaeda out of Baghdad and some other provinces.The troop surge that Democrat leaders gleefully predicted would fail– worked. It’s worked so well– without much coverage– some of our troops are beginning to return home.

As a consequence, the fringe-kook left has descended further into madness. Case in point: a demonstration at the Port of Olympia in Washington State. Police had to use pepper spray to contain a crowd of about 150 anti-war wackoswho were trying to block shipments of our returning troops’ equipment! Folks, this is equipment coming back from Iraq! The kooks tried to block truck convoys,poured cement over railroad tracks at the port;they threw rocks atcops! Forty-three of these nuts were arrestedand released. Local prosecutors debate if they’ll face any charges at all.

Meanwhile, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi held a vote open long enough to arm-twist sufficient Democrats to support their latest anti-war measure. This one would hold up funds for our troops still fighting in Iraq –unless President Bush orders them (effectively) to surrender to Al-Qaeda, stop winning, admit defeat, and retreat home.

I’m not kidding about this, folks. Anti-war liberals– elected and otherwise– have descended into utter madness! Now, this is paramount to mental derangement –insanity. If our security weren’t at stake,it would almost be… laughable. (And part of me wants to laugh, because these people are funny. Heh-heh-heh-heh!)

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