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RUSH: Terry in Tacoma, Washington. You’re next on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Good morning. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I just first want to say that, I, years ago, thought I had the answer. I thought possibly the Democrats might even have the answer, though your show woke me up. I started listening to you and other conservative radio hosts, and I have been shown down the path by you guys. I wanted to talk about what has happened in Olympia when our troops have been coming back. This happened just last night and a few days ago.

RUSH: Is this where the anti-war groups protested the returning troops and equipment?

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: And they poured concrete over the railroad tracks?

CALLER: They poured, yeah, wet concrete on the tracks. They were throwing objects in front of the moving convoy, laying down in front of the convoy, and even some cockeyed councilman from the city of Olympia is criticizing Olympia Police Department and the state patrol for their handling of these people who are trying to delay a military convoy. That convoy belongs to you and me. I want those people and that equipment back at Fort Lewis where they belong.

RUSH: Right, they were coming home. They’re not even going to war.

CALLER: First they protested them last year when they were leaving, and now they don’t want them to come back! You know, it sounds like Hillary. Make up your mind. Do you want ’em to go or do you want ’em to stay, you know? Do you want them to come back home or not?

RUSH: No. You’re looking at these people in the wrong way. You’re looking at irrational people, and you’re trying to define them and understand them in a rational sense, and that’s not possible. Irrationality to the degree these people out in Olympia, Washington, have displayed — and the anti-war movement is made up of quite a few of these types. Their lives are miserable. They want to get noticed. They feel left out of mainstream society. You know, everybody wants to have meaning in their lives, and everybody wants to ‘make a difference.’ These poor people are just irrelevant to the functioning of this country, and they know it. So this is what they do to call attention to themselves at the end of the day, to make themselves feel like they stood up for something important, and to make themselves feel like they have courage, and to make themselves feel like they were brave — when, in fact, they’re just glittering jewels of colossal ignorance who have no contribution of any substance to make at all. What really aggravated me about this when I heard about it, Terry, was that there aren’t going to be any charges. The local prosecutor’s out there not going to charge them with anything. These people poured wet concrete over train tracks! That has to be a crime in anybody’s world, plus the other things that they did. You know, they say (new Castrati voice), ‘It’s freedom of speech, Mr. Limbaugh! It’s protests. It’s what made America great: dissent, all that stuff,’ yada, yada, yada.

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