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Rush’s Morning Update: No Words
November 19, 2007

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Last week, Nancy Pelosi’s House Democrats passed legislation requiring President Bush to effectively surrender in Iraqin order to get the funding our troops need to continue fighting and winning.Yes, these Democrats are holding our military hostage– unless they lose.

Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harryalso promises that our troops will be funded only if the Senate approves the Democrats’ surrender requirements. On Friday, he couldn’t muster the 60 votes needed to advance this proposal,but he killed a Republican measure to continue the funding without anti-war strings. Dingy Harrysaid theDemocrats won’t bother addressing the funding our troops need until next year. New York’s Chuck Schumer declared: “The days of a free lunch are over.” Free lunch! That’s how Democrats define supporting American soldiers on the battlefield? “Free lunch”?

As Democrats use our military as pawns, Defense Secretary Robert Gates is directing the Army and Marine Corps to plan to lay off employees and terminate military contracts early next year. Operations at some military bases will shut down. About 100,000 defense department employees [and] 100,000 civilian contractors are expected to lose their jobs. But not to worry, folks:they’rejust people involved in the defense of our nation –they make war — so it doesn’t matterto Democrats. On the other hand, Dingy Harry claims that Gates told him the military will be “fine” without the funds. Somebody islying, here!

Now, normally, I can describe the routine treachery of today’s Democrats in service of political expediency. But they have sunk so lownow that, folks… there aren’t any words to describe them.

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