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RUSH: Michelle Obama, let’s get to this because I mentioned in the previous hour, the gloves have come off. Elizabeth Edwards and Michelle Obama are going after Hillary, because the husbands really can’t. In our culture today you just can’t go after the girl. I don’t care. Rick Lazio, he didn’t even go after her. He just left his podium in a debate during a Senate race campaign and went over and presented her with a piece of paper on eliminating some kind of fundraising. The Drive-Bys went nuts with the fact that he invaded her space, why, that’s cruel, it was threatening, all those kind of things.

So Obama and the Breck Girl have realized — even though the Breck Girl is more of a woman than Mrs. Clinton, in his own words — [that you need to pass] off the assault duties, if you will, the verbal assault duties, to his wife. Michelle Obama got in the game recently. She, among other things, is out there saying that if you can’t run your own house, you’re not qualified to run the White House. Now, we all know what that is an allusion to, but we have even more from Michelle Obama. This is last Friday in Council Bluffs, Iowa, a portion of her introduction of her husband, Barack Hussein Obama.

MICHELLE OBAMA: Fear. Fear of everything. Fear that we might lose. Fear that he might get hurt. Fear that this would be ugly. Fear that it would hurt our family, fear. But, you know, the reason why I said yes was because I am tired of being afraid (Applause.)

RUSH: So am I. Absolutely.

MICHELLE OBAMA: I am tired of living in a country where every decision that we’ve made over the last ten years wasn’t for something, but it was because people told us we had to fear something. We had to fear people who look different from us.

RUSH: Who?

MICHELLE OBAMA: Fear people who believe in things that were different from us. Fear of one another right here in our own backyards. I am so tired of fear, and I don’t want my girls to live in a country, in a world, based on fear.

RUSH: Now, a lot of people have had what I think is a predictable reaction to this. Mine is a little different. I happen to agree with her, in this sense. From our perspective, do you know how impatient and tired I’m getting of dealing with people on our side who are afraid of Hillary? I can’t stand it. There’s no reason to be. The time to fear Hillary is after she wins. Right now it’s time to prevent that, and you don’t do that out of fear. Fear can be a motivator at times, but it can also corrupt you because it can make you end up feeling inferior; it can make you tell yourself stories, in this case, of her inevitability, of the fact that she’s unbeatable, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and that creates its own mind-set, which cements defeat. I’m sorry, this is not the time for that. I don’t think Michelle Obama’s necessarily talking about that. She’s got other things on her mind. But she still has a point, even though she may not know it. Here’s the second bite. In this one she aims straight for Hillary.

MICHELLE OBAMA: Please. Please, don’t base your votes this time on fear. Base it on possibility. Think. Listen. The game of politics is to make you afraid so that you don’t think. We need leadership. We need people with judgment. We need decent people; people with common sense; people with strong family values —

RUSH: Ooooh!

MICHELLE OBAMA: — people who understand the world. We need a man like Barack Obama, who you know on the day that he is elected to office, will change the way the world sees us. You know that. That is the possibility of Barack Obama. (Applause.)

RUSH: Now, keep in mind what’s happening here. This is a Democrat primary campaign. When she makes that reference here, ‘We need people with common sense, strong family values, people who understand the world,’ that’s aimed right at Hillary Clinton, and also her husband, Bill. It’s aimed right at them. Now, one more thing about fear. I don’t mind people being afraid of me. I like that. I don’t mind people fearing our country on the battlefield. That’s good. More people should, and believe me, they do, despite what the Democrats say. Fear is a two-way street. You just don’t want to hit the sign that says: ‘One Way, Do Not Enter.’ That’s what the Democrats offer. Now, let’s go to Barack Obama himself. He has an op-ed I found in the Miami Herald and basically he’s calling for the end of the Cuban embargo. Listen to what he writes. ‘It is a tragedy that just 90 miles from our shores there exists a society where such freedom and opportunity are kept out of reach by a government that clings to discredited ideology and authoritarian control.’

Now, I read that, and I said, ‘Is he describing Cuba, or America in his view?’ Because liberals love Cuba! They love Castro. They got the best health care system in the world. They go down there and they break bread and they make buddies with Castro. Obama hasn’t done it, but how’s this going to play? I thought Cuba was the perfect place for liberals. The Hollywood left loves him and loves the place. Michael Moore thinks it’s the best health care in the world. Hell, so does Charlie Rangel for that matter, a lot of people do, or say they do. Anyway, he writes here, ‘A Democratic opening in Cuba is and should be the foremost objective of our foreign policy. We need a clear strategy to achieve it, one that takes some limited steps now to spread the message of freedom on the island, but preserves our ability to bargain on behalf of Democrats with a post-Fidel government.’ See, there’s always this, ‘We need to do this, but…’ ‘We need to do this, while…’ There’s always a qualifier here, to make sure he doesn’t offend anybody. Remember, this is in the Miami Herald where the exile community down there is not going to want to hear this, not going to want to read this. Well, they’d love Cuba opened up, but not with any remnants of the Castro regime remaining.

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