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RUSH: ‘A Kentucky man who was playing slot machines at the Caesars Indiana casino claims he sat on a chair soaked with urine.’ I did not know that Pat Leahy played the slots. He must not have had the Depends there. I thought Leahy would be spending time up in Connecticut or Vermont, where he lives. We have Leahy sound bites, by the way. Senate Judiciary Committee Patrick Leahy with a news conference all upset that Karl Rove hasn’t shown up to be drawn and quartered.

LEAHY: Today was the deadline for the administration to comply with the Judiciary Committee subpoenas for documents related to the legal justifications for the president’s warrantless wiretapping program. For more than six years, the Bush administration intercepted communications of Americans in the United States without warrants and without following the required procedures of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act we know as FISA. It’s been almost two months since service of the subpoenas, three weeks since the time they asked for additional time, and still we have nothing at all. The time is up. Time is up. We waited long enough.

RUSH: You’re going to be waiting for quite a long time, Senator. The White House doesn’t have to give this stuff up, separation of powers. They can paper you to death with court motions. In fact, Leaky Leahy knows this, because an unidentified Drive-By reporter said, ‘Will you vote to hold them in contempt,’ please?

LEAHY: I’ll have no hesitation voting for contempt, if that’s what it takes, but ultimately what we have to find out is what happened here. We can carry out a court battle for the next five or six years, or we can find out what happened.

RUSH: Five or six years. I told you. They’re going to pursue Bush long after he goes down to Crawford and is clearing brush every day with that tin of chewing tobacco in the back pocket. One more from Leaky Leahy. Another unidentified Drive-By report said, ‘Mr. Chairman, could you react to Karl Rove’s resignation and how it might affect your committee’s pursual of his testimony before it…’

LEAHY: I will not give you the answers I thought of as I was sitting on the front steps of my farmhouse in Middlesex, Vermont, when I first heard about this, but to be more serious than that, on this U.S. attorney thing, I don’t think he had a valid claim of executive privilege. And they’ve just lost the other claim they could make that he’s too important to the operation of the White House to be able to take time to testify. That’s not going to be the case anymore.

RUSH: He doesn’t have to go testify. He’s protected as a former employee. But, you know, Leahy does a lot of things up there. When he was getting ready for Judge Roberts or Judge Alito, he was sitting under his apple tree. When he heard about Karl Rove resigning, he was sitting on the front steps of the farmhouse in Middlesex, Vermont. And when he was contemplating telling everybody that time was up on the subpoenas on the FISA program, he was sitting in a chair at a casino in Indiana.

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