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RUSH: This is Charles in Ft. Lauderdale. Thank you for calling, sir.

CALLER: Rush, a pleasure to walk the halls of higher learning.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir, even if it is virtually.

CALLER: That is correct. When you talked about Castro — not Castro, but the medical care in Cuba, I can recall the Cubans brought in a European doctor to treat Castro. So either the Cuban doctors weren’t capable of treating him, or they were afraid to treat him.

RUSH: Well, here’s what happened. Now, this is what is rumored had to have happened, because with Cuba, you never really know. Castro had a colon problem, and the solution to it was to go to a colostomy bag, and Castro said, ‘I’m not walking around with a bag. I’m not doing that. You fix it.’ So the doctors supposedly tried to reattach the ruptured colon, where it should be in the back end, and it didn’t hold and bodily substances just flowed throughout the body of the beloved Cuban communist leader. It was full of it. After the Cuban doctors followed his orders — I’m told that doctors don’t do this, this is a bad thing, he refused to wear a colostomy bag so ended up full of it. That’s when they had to call in a specialist from Spain to fix it, and I don’t know how it’s been fixed. There was a story out the other day that he’s died. It was unconfirmed. It was not from any sort of a credible source, but it did cause the official spokesman for Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, to deny it, which I had in the stack I think yesterday, but I didn’t get to it. But that’s what happened with Castro. That’s the best guess. Well, it’s not really a guess because the Spanish doctor talked. The Spanish doctor gave enough hints when he got out of there to explain what had happened.

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