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RUSH: As you know, Algore today, he’s either been there, or he’s going to be there, in the Oval Office as Bush welcomes the Nobel Prize winners in for a ceremony. It should have been me in the office today with all the other Nobel Prize winners, but it wasn’t to be. But they cannot take my nomination away from me. That they can never do. Anyway, we have a montage of the Drive-Bys hyperventilating that Algore finally gets to take his rightful place in the Oval Office.

HARRIS: President Bush welcomes America’s 2007 Nobel Prize winners to the White House. Among them, of course, will be Algore. Seven years ago, Gore won more of the popular vote, as you may remember, than Mr. Bush in the 2000 presidential election.

MARLANTES: A lot has happened in the seven years since Algore conceded to George W. Bush. While Mr. Bush saw his popularity plummet, Mr. Gore made an Oscar-winning movie.

CURRY: The meeting in the White House comes seven years after their bitter election battle.

GREGORY: In the Oval Office today the social interaction that’s going to likely be pretty odd. The former vice president has not been back to the White House since he was here as part of the Clinton administration.

GEIST: Algore, and he might think that he probably should be the one sitting in that Oval Office.

BRZEZINSKI: The president has got the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize coming to the White House, which includes, of course, Algore, the dynamics there too delicious to even conjure up.

O’DONNELL: It will be something we’ll all be watching. I know I’ll have my eyes peeled on the gate here to see if we can actually see Mr. Gore come in.

BRZEZINSKI: Oh, I can’t wait.

RUSH: Well, ladies and gentlemen, our microphones were there.

(Playing of Algore-Bush spoof.)

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