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RUSH: This morning on Joe Scarborough’s show on MSNBC, Mark Penn, who is Hillary Clinton’s pollster appeared. You know, a Zogby Poll came out yesterday, and it showed that Hillary gets beat by every Republican candidate, from Huckabee, to Rudy, to Romney, to McCain. She gets beaten nationally by every one of them. Now, this is a poll that the Clintons don’t like, so Mark Penn went on to discuss this today, and Scarborough said, ‘Hey, look, now, we’ve got polls coming out, the Zogby Poll that you saw and everybody is talking about this morning that shows that she’s losing to all these Republican contenders, even Huckabee’s beatings her by five points. What’s going on here?’

PENN: That was Zogby’s first interactive online poll ever. The Gallup Poll that came out also yesterday showed Senator Clinton five points ahead of Giuliani and double digits ahead of some of the other possible Republican nominees and showed that if Barack Obama were the nominee it would be dead even. That’s a real poll that’s got 50 years of history. This is the first time Zogby has done something online. It’s a meaningless poll and really, frankly, shouldn’t even be on your show.

RUSH: Yes, Joe, you shouldn’t even be talking about this poll, Joe. I am Mark Penn, and I’m from Clinton, Inc., and you shouldn’t be mentioning this poll. By the way, the margin of error in this poll, from what I’ve seen, the Zogby Poll, is just plus or minus 1%. His sample was 10,000 voters, as opposed to the usual 400 to 800 you get with Gallup, ABC, Washington Post, CBS, and New York Times. Scarborough says, ‘So the Zogby Poll is meaningless to you?’

PENN: It’s an online poll. It’s his first ever. His methodology is completely untested and unproven. You can look at any of the real polls, including some of his real polls, that this is totally out of sync and makes absolutely no sense.

RUSH: The message there, is, Joe, only mention the positive Hillary polls, please. Clinton, Inc., trying to control the media out there. This was the Gore media approach, too, back in 2000, don’t get any bad news out there.

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