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Rush’s Morning Update: Astonished!
November 28, 2007

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Interesting case, here, from Wisconsin. A former police officer faces deportation…for stealing his dead cousin’s identity, passing himself off as a US citizen,and then joining the Milwaukee police force.

Twenty-five-year-old Oscar Ayala-Cornejo was charged in federal court last Mayafter the Homeland Security Department received an anonymous tip about his identity theft and his illegal status. The theft was pulled off thanks to hisfather,who helped him assume the identity of Jose Morales –a cousin who died as a child. Oscar got the idea in high skroolfollowing a police department recruiting drive. So he switched high skrools, he ditched his glasses for contacts, he got braces, and hetook on the new identity. Sadly, AP reports: “His father died of leukemia in 2004, before he could see his son become a [fake] police officer that December.” I threw the word “fake” in there; that is unbelievableAP would write it that way!

Anyway, more than two dozen supporters packed the courtroom as Oscar was sentenced. He apologized tofamily, friends, the community, and the police department. Although he faced three years in prison and a fine of 250 grand,the judgehanded down a sentence of… a year’s probation. Afterward, Oscar admitted to being astonished at the judge’s leniency. “It was more than I can ask for,” he said. When — I should say “if”– he’sdeported, he’ll return to Mexico to study computer science.

Mr. Cornejo, I confess: you’re not the only one astonished, here–a lot of us are shaking our heads over this one. (Tim Russert, don’t ask Hillary Clinton about this… if you value your possession of your testicles.)

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