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RUSH: Mark in Bedford, New Hampshire. I’m glad you waited, sir. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, I’m a Rush Baby from New Hampshire.

RUSH: Well, thank you. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: I’m also a state representative, and I just want to say, the comments you’ve made about New Hampshire’s voting has done more to establish the future integrity of the vote and we’ve been working hard, the state representatives in the House, for years trying to do just that by bringing out the truth.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate your saying that. This was a report that we had yesterday about who all can and can’t. And basically there’s nobody who can’t vote in the New Hampshire primaries.

CALLER: That’s right. It’s very easy.

RUSH: You don’t have to be a resident of the state in the New Hampshire primaries. All you have to do is go there and tell somebody you’re thinking about moving there.

RUSH: Yeah. It’s pretty loose, and it favors the Democrats for sure.

RUSH: Obviously, it favors the Democrats. They’re the party of the rich now. They can charter airplanes to bring people in from all over the country to vote in the New Hampshire primary.

CALLER: Yeah, MoveOn.org was here in huge numbers in the last primary, and in the general election.

RUSH: What’s fascinating about this story, in addition to just the facts, are that when you go ask Democrat representatives or leaders in the state, ‘There’s perfectly nothing wrong with this, why, if you oppose this you’re trying to instill fear and you’re trying to suppress the idea of voting and we in New Hampshire think everybody should have the right to vote, doesn’t matter where, it’s that you vote that counts.’ It was actually a quote similar to that, almost exactly, from some Democrat official.

CALLER: Well, that’s the exact truth.

RUSH: If you call ’em on it, they accuse you of inciting fear and suppressing the vote.

CALLER: Exactly right.

RUSH: You said that bringing light to this yesterday has done more to, what, change it? How’s that going to happen?

CALLER: Because people are going to be watching, you know, the people in New Hampshire think that having the first primary in the nation is important, and you brought out the truth, and, now, when people vote to register, or, you know, they have to register or they have to sign an affidavit that they’re here and, you know, it’s just going to make it harder for them to bring in huge numbers. There’s always going to be a few they’ll bring in, but I’m hoping that they won’t bring in the buffalos, which I expect.

RUSH: Now, this is only for the primary, right? This is not the case in presidential elections or any other local election, right?

CALLER: Oh, no, it’s for everything. Every election.

RUSH: No, no, no, no. You mean to tell me that next November, anybody can show up in New Hampshire and vote?

CALLER: They can get away with it for sure. All they have to do is lie.

RUSH: I thought this was it. You have informed me about something I was unaware. I thought this was just the primaries.

CALLER: No, we lost — we had a Republican majority in the House of Representatives for over a hundred years until the last election. MoveOn.org was up here in huge numbers.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: Yeah, we lost an election, over a hundred years a Republican state, because thousands and thousands of them came up here.

RUSH: You mean to vote?

CALLER: To vote, yeah.

RUSH: And then they left.

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: And they’re running around accusing Republicans of stealing votes in Ohio and in Florida. A perfect case and an example of projection: You accuse your opponents of doing what you’re already doing. This cannot be allowed to continue. This is something that’s got to stop. If we’re going to have integrity, and New Hampshire, of course, you know, what is it out there, Mark, is it Dix Notch, Notch Dix —

CALLER: Dixville Notch.

RUSH: Dixville Notch, is that what it is?


RUSH: Dixville Notch. Well, what’s the population of Dixville Notch, like 12 or 25, something like that?

CALLER: Yeah, something like that.

RUSH: Right. Well, what if this November Dixville Notch has thousands of people that vote, because the polls open there first, before anywhere else in New Hampshire, right?

CALLER: Yeah. It’s so remote, it’s unlikely.

RUSH: Yeah, because that would be fraud easy to catch, if you got a town of 12 people, and 2,000 MoveOn.org people flood the polling place.

CALLER: Just think how many people in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, they’re only five minutes, ten minutes from the border.

RUSH: Yeah, I know. I know. I know. This is unreal. All right, well, I appreciate the information, Mark. Thanks very much. By the way, libs, take note. Mark, a Rush Baby, a Republican, an elected state representative in New Hampshire. That means that Rush Babies are of age to be elected officials, like this gentleman. That is the wave of the future slamming into your face. And, of course, our guys don’t cheat like this. Yeah, and our women, well, most of our women don’t abort themselves. You can’t make a blanket statement like that because there are some, but the liberals are aborting themselves out of existence, slow process, but it’s happening worldwide.


RUSH: This is Will in Lowell, Massachusetts. Will, I’m glad you called. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Yeah, I’m glad I was able to get in touch with you. I’d like to bring out a fact that the guys that called originally about the voting in New Hampshire, is way out of line. In order for you to vote in New Hampshire, whether it’s a primary or an election, you have to register. You can register on the same day that you vote. However, you cannot register unless you have proof of residency and proof of where you live. In the cities where there are wards, you’re not even allowed to vote in another ward unless you registered in that ward.

RUSH: You live in Massachusetts?

CALLER: Oh, no. I’m from New Hampshire. I was just driving through Massachusetts. I was a selectman and an alderman in New Hampshire, and the selectmen in New Hampshire in the cities take care of the voting.

RUSH: How long ago were you a selectman and a registrar in New Hampshire?

CALLER: Just a few years ago. This thing hasn’t changed. You’re still required… I voted for years, and I go down to the town that I vote in, and they know me and they still check my ID.

RUSH: Wait a second, then. I’m now totally confused, because the AP story yesterday said that the Democrats changed the rules recently when they just took over, and in the new… I read the story yesterday, and I assumed it was about the primaries, that you can come in from out of state. All you have to do to vote in a primary is say that you intend to or may move to New Hampshire, that you don’t have to live there to vote now?

CALLER: That’s not true.

RUSH: And there were quotes from Democrats who said, ‘What’s wrong with that? Everybody’s gotta vote, what does it matter where?’ This was not a parody. So we had the state representative call today basically say the same thing has happened after Republicans lost control of the New Hampshire legislature that they had had for a hundred years.

CALLER: Yeah. What I’m going to do, Rush, is I’m going to send you the copy of the rules and regulations on voting, then you’ll have the facts, regardless of what AP says.

RUSH: I would appreciate it. Frankly, I can’t believe this. I couldn’t believe it yesterday. Well, no, not something that blatant. I can understand that they would set the rule up, but that nobody would talk about it. They would just bus the new voters in, but this big, long, drawn-out story — and, by the way, it wasn’t just New Hampshire out there, Will, this is also Iowa. In the Hawkeye Cauci, you can show up anywhere. You don’t even have to be voting age. It sounds like much the same situation. But I know some people in New Hampshire, and I got a friend who knows somebody in the statehouse there, and I’m going to find out about this. But would a state representative call here and lie to us about this? That’s why this is such a bombshell if this is true. It was a long story with quotes from all these Democrats who were trying to defend this and make anybody who disagreed with it a fearmonger. It literally… It was one of the most amazing things.

Here is Tracy in Northwood, New Hampshire, welcome to the EIB Network.



CALLER: Rush. Hi. I am from Northwood, New Hampshire. I’ve lived in New Hampshire for 25 years, and I have been registered in three different towns to vote, and at each instance —

RUSH: At the same time?

CALLER: (giggles) Yeah, you’d think, huh? Actually, I think my name has been left on some of those registers, as I have moved, and I obviously called to take myself off when I moved to different areas. But the point is, it’s very easy. Most of the time you don’t have to show ID. You have to just go in and register, and this has been an issue for the 25 years that I have lived in New Hampshire, and it has been a big issue that it’s very easy to vote. That’s why I think that you should have to show ID. That might be required, but it isn’t asked for when you go in. That’s why so many… This happens all the time, and the biggest places that it happens are the big college towns where these kids come in, and they can vote — say at Dartmouth, Durham, Portsmouth, the places that are close to the border, Vermont, Massachusetts — and these people come in, especially the college kids, and they vote in their own state then they come here and vote, and they can do it in different towns.

RUSH: So, based on your testimony, as a 25-year resident, we would have to conclude that the elements of the story we had yesterday, as confirmed by the state representative today, are true.

CALLER: Yeah. I would say so, and in the last election, I believe it was ’04, Ralph Neuter [sic] actually asked for the recount and stated the same claims that, you know, this happens in New Hampshire, and he had seen it happen, you know, he’s obviously run so many times. But, you know, I wouldn’t take his word on anything, but, you know, this is one thing, he was the one that protested and asked for a recount.

RUSH: Well, we’re going to get to the bottom of this.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah.

RUSH: Did you say Ralph — wait, my hearing. Did you say Ralph Neuter?

CALLER: I did.

RUSH: Okay.


RUSH: But you said that on purpose or is there some candidate we never heard of here, called Ralph Neuter.

CALLER: You know what I mean. You know what? I always get him mixed up with this guy in our town where I’m from, that was — okay. (giggles) He ran for president. He’s not running this time, but he always ran on the Green Party ticket.

RUSH: His name is Neuter?

CALLER: No, it’s Nader. (giggles) Ralph Nader!

RUSH: So it was just a faux pas, just a slip of the tongue?

CALLER: It was. It was, yes, because where I’m from there was a man named ‘Ralph Neuter’ and I always got him mixed up. It’s Ralph Nader that runs for president, right?

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah.

CALLER: Yeah. Sorry! (giggles) My fault.

RUSH: How do you spell Ralph Neuter?

CALLER: My bad! (giggles)

RUSH: How do you spell Ralph Neuter Idiot? I don’t know. Let me see. I…D…I… No, sorry. Anyhow, yes, this has been an issue in New Hampshire for a long time.

RUSH: It’s just… You know, as a guy, when you’re talking to a woman, all of a sudden ‘Ralph Neuter,’ your ears perk up on that.

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