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Rush’s Morning Update: Merry What?
November 29, 2007

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This week, on my award-winning radio program, I discussed a new trend among environmentalist wackos. An article in the UK Daily Mail focused on women opting for abortions and sterilizationto save the world from global warming. One of these poor people–Sarah, an idiot! — agonizes over climate change;decided that “a baby would pollute the planet– and that never having a child was the most environmentally friendly thing” she could do. (The onlygood about this is liberals are aborting themselves; that’s another matter.)

Sane people, you see, theycan’t wrap their arms around this kind of thing, folks,but it’s everywhere! Our own Drive-By Media,running stories about consumers who view gift-wrap as “a primary offender” [of the environment].(I don’t even believe a lot of peoplecare about it, but these people are saying they do!)Supposedly, hordes of people looking for alternatives to throwing away wrapping paper?Because it overtaxes our already overburdened resources? Christmas lights are also bad; you idiots who use old-style “electricity-draining” lights instead of the environmentally-friendly LEDs — you’reinjuring the Earth, too.

Look: it’s time we face somefacts here,folks. The entire Christmas season is environmentally unfriendly. Your gift-giving promotes consumption and selfishness; traveling is environmentally hostile;good cheer — why,that’sa denial of how bloody awful life is on this planetand how unhappy you really are,thanks to you rotten humans who pollute the erf with each cursed breath you take… There’s only going to bepeace on Earthand good will toward menwhen man aborts himself off the planet and the wilderness returns to a pristine statewithout us! Idiots!

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