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RUSH: Here’s James in the Bronx. Nice to have you sir on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, a pleasure to meet you. Mega dittos from a conservative lonely guy in the Bronx. I wanted to first of all say the debate last night, I thought was a complete joke, and I finally turned it off out of disgust. But the one point that they haven’t mentioned is our economic progress and the tax situation in this country, that’s really fueled our economy, and nobody has ever really mentioned it to the extent it has.

RUSH: Well, see, that’s another great point. They chose questions that had nothing to do with reality here, just conservative clichés.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: You are exactly right. Economic growth for the third quarter estimated at 3.9% a month ago —

CALLER: 4.9%.

RUSH: 4.9%, revised upward by the Bureau of Economic Analysis today.

CALLER: May I make another point, too?

RUSH: Wait just a second. Wait a second.

CALLER: Go ahead.

RUSH: All during this period the Drive-Bys are predicting a recession.

CALLER: That’s right. They’re full of baloney. The other thing is, I happen to be a practicing CPA. I lost my sight a while ago, but I still have my business, thanks to your encouragement, so I have no problem with that. But as far as changing the tax code, it’s not going to happen because there are too many lawyers and CPAs that would die if they ever changed the tax code. They got too much of an interest in it, believe me and I know because I’ve been a CPA since ’56 so I know what goes on.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question here.


RUSH: James, I’m 56 years old. You’ve been a CPA since 1956. Is that right?

CALLER: Correct. That’s correct.

RUSH: In the course of your life, how many presidential campaigns have you heard either candidate, either party, independent or whatever, third party, ‘We’ve gotta do something about the tax code. We’ve gotta reform it. We’ve gotta revise it. We’re going to have to scrap it and start over.’ How often have you heard that said?

CALLER: Never. Only by maybe Reagan, but that’s about it.

RUSH: No, I hear it every campaign season is my point, but nothing ever happens.

CALLER: Because they’re full of baloney. They just like to hear themselves talk. Come on, Rush. Let me tell you —

RUSH: No, it’s not that, they’re fooling people into thinking they’re actually going to be able to do something about it.

CALLER: There was no conservative candidate on that panel last night, and I don’t think we have one. Believe me. And it’s very upsetting and very disconcerting. Can I say one other thing?

RUSH: Yeah, go right ahead.

CALLER: I happen to be a blind golfer, by the way, and I enjoy the game immensely even though I’m blind, lost my sight ten years ago —

RUSH: I have to ask you a question about that.


RUSH: Most people can’t relate. First of all, blind CPA, that’s numbers.

CALLER: Right. I have equipment that enables me to do my work, special speech equipment.

RUSH: Okay, but part of the fun of playing golf, James, is when you cream the ball, when you hit it on the screws, it’s almost orgasmic to see the thing sail down the fairway 250 yards. How do you replace that, since you can’t see? Do you know when you’ve hit a good shot by how it feels?

CALLER: Yes. Yes, first of all, I’ve been playing for a lot more years, number one. Number two, when I hear the click of that ball, I can tell by the impact where that ball is going. And then of course my friends yell, ‘My God, look where he hit that ball!’ So I get that same thrill, believe me.

RUSH: Okay, so you’re going up, let’s say you’re 20 yards short of the green, and the pin’s plus ten, they give you the distance, and they use the —

CALLER: I use my number ten wedge or whatever and I pop it right on.

RUSH: And putting?

CALLER: Yeah, putting was good. The last game I played, believe it or not, I shot a 99, which I think is respectable.

RUSH: (laughing) Respectable? There are people who have been playing 20 years that can see who haven’t ever broken a hundred.

CALLER: It takes practice, Rush, practice. And, by the way, I gotta thank you for your inspiration. When I was down on my luck, I listened to you back in nineties and it helped, it really helped.

RUSH: I appreciate that. You’re an inspiration. Glad you called.

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