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Rush’s Morning Update: No Warrant!
November 30, 2007

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You know, folks, I purposely waited a few days to see if this item would surface in any of the Democrat presidential campaigns, and it hasn’t. On Monday, the Supreme Court refused– without offering comment– to take up a case involving government searcheswithout warrants.

The case isSanchez vs. San Diego; was brought by the ACLU on behalf of six families living in San Diego County. The families were stunned when investigators from the local DA’s office showed up at their houses– unannounced, without warrants– andthen conducted searches,including looking into closets and cabinets. The searches were conducted because the families applied for welfare.

Under a 10-year-old program, it’s legal. Investigators don’t need suspicions of wrongdoing or fraud to show up whenever they want, and search applicants’ homes to confirm whether they’re eligible for handouts. If applicants refuse the unannounced, warrantless search of their home– which can last up to an hour– they’re disqualified from getting welfare.

Let’s see: it’s10-year-old program…Why, folks, this is a Clinton-era program! Despite seven judges calling this an “attack on the poor,” the Ninth Circus upheld the warrantless searches.

Liberal Democrats have raised hell with the President over his decision to “spy” on non-American terror suspects without warrants. Yet not a peep from any of them, when homes of Americans are searched without notice– or warrants — in the big, blue state of Cahl-ee-four-nya? Uh… what, may I ask, does that tell you, ladies and gentlemen?Hmm?

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