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RUSH: Now to the phones. We go to Austin, Texas. This is Matt. Nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I love you, and I’ll tell you why. In regards to that poll that shows the mental health of Republicans being superior to others.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: I think wiser words were never said, and you are what you eat. And these poor liberals have been fed a steady diet of doom and guilt and fear, and it shows.

RUSH: Not to mention that a lot of them — look at literally what they eat. They may as well be eating Styrofoam. Everything to them is green this and green that. But your point is well taken.

CALLER: Well, and also, on the other hand, why I thank you is that you have put us on your special diet of optimism and hope and just like your cat, it not only builds up our health, but helps us resist catching these terrible diseases these liberals have.

RUSH: Well, thank you. Thanks very much. You know, I’m going to say, I maybe should change the word from optimism and hope — I mean I like the words — but, really, what I have is confidence. I have confidence in this country. I have confidence, I really do, in a majority of the people in this country. I obviously have confidence in myself, and I’ll tell you what, folks, I have confidence in you. Because people like you are the ones that make the country work, not liberal Democrat politicians, and not their wards of the state who are sitting out there siphoning as much as they can out of what everybody else produces. I’m confident. Now, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have battles and so forth. What really disturbs me, do you realize how many millions of Americans who will never realize their potential as human beings because they vote Democrat, they vote liberal, because they believe in that stuff, because they allow themselves to become victims and think they’re entitled, think everybody else ought to do something for them simply because they’re Americans.

This is an attitude that’s fostered on them from when they grow up by their liberal Democrat parents. Liberal Democrat politicians then reinforce it. It’s all based on inequality and how unfair that is. It is polluting, and there are millions of Americans who will never realize their dreams, will never realize their full potential, will never realize the joy and the thrill of pursuing those dreams because they’re not even going to try, because nobody has any expectations of them, least of all, themselves. The people they vote for are as responsible for that as their parents or anybody else. And so it’s understandable. Your life has no meaning? You think your life has no sense of purpose, so what do you do? Well, you glom onto meaningless hoaxes like global warming, or the anti-war movement, or animal rights, any of these other little namby-pamby causes. These groups are comprised for the most part of miserable, unhappy people who have no meaning or substance in their lives and are desperately seeking it, and they have no idea that it’s all inside them. It’s not in a cause. It’s not in an issue. It’s right inside themselves. But they don’t know that, nobody’s ever told them. Maybe somebody’s told them, they just reject it, I don’t know.

All I’m telling you is that I’m confident, and I really think with the right kind of leadership — you remember back in the eighties, when Reagan was president, I remember watching people be interviewed by the Drive-Bys, and I remember hearing over and over again from different people, ‘Ronald Reagan makes me feel good about myself.’ They weren’t saying, ‘Ronald Reagan makes me feel good to be an American,’ some of them might have said that — ‘makes me feel good about myself.’ Now, it wasn’t that Reagan was personally in contact with these people, but he had an ability to connect, and it was his sunny disposition and his love and cheer, joy for America that made people feel proud. How in the world can anybody who is listening in great detail to any Democrat today describe this country, either domestically or internationally, feel good about themselves, much less about their country? So I guess my optimism — I mean, it’s optimism that I have, but confidence is more appropriate I think as a term here to describe my attitude about this country and the future. I’m empathizing. I know what you’re saying out there as you’re listening. ‘Yeah, what if the Democrats win?’ We got a problem, but we can overcome it. We’ve overcome liberal Democrats before.

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