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RUSH: You gotta hear this. This is Wednesday on the ESPN Radio morning talk show, the sports show, Mike and Mike in the Morning, where I’ve been called an ‘idiot’ and a number of other things. The fill-in host for one of the Mikes, Erik Kuselias, is talking to the other Mike — Golic — and they are discussing the National Football League.

KUSELIAS: Philadelphia to me is a team that’s very interesting. I think it’s about time someone just came out and said it, and I don’t mean in a Rush Limbaugh kind of ”the media is desirous” way, I just mean looking right now’ —

GOLIC: Right.

KUSELIAS: — in 2007 and saying, are the Eagles better off with A. J. Feely? Were they better off last year with Jeff Garcia? I mean — is Donovan McNabb now, can we put him in the overrated, not — not-elite quarterback category now? I gotta put him there.

GOLIC: You put him as overrated?

KUSELIAS: I’m putting him as overrated!

RUSH: This is ESPN Radio. This was on ESPN Radio. I don’t think Kuselias has been fired yet and I don’t think Golic has been fired, I don’t think they will be fired because of course they distanced themselves from me: ‘not in a ‘media is desirous way,’ I mean just looking at it right now.’ (interruption) Well, the host here, H.R., overrated him. He’s saying he’s overrated. But the guy who originally put this possibility out there was me, and I’ll tell you when that happened. The years run together. It was September 28th, 2003, so what’s that? Over four years ago, but because I had the audacity to sit there and say the media were overrating him for a reason — i.e., social justice — then, of course, that was it, and ESPN was in my rearview mirror. So he has to distance himself from me, but he’s still overrated. So this continued. Golic says, ‘The guy did leave, what, four NFC title games, a Super Bowl?’

KUSELIAS: But when you look back at that, T.O. was the better player. T.O. —

GOLIC: T.O. played well.

KUSELIAS: — helped McNabb more than McNabb helped T.O.

GOLIC: And they got to the Super Bowl.

KUSELIAS: When you’re the quarterback, and you’re a favorite, and you’re at home in the NFC Championship Game, the year before T.O. is there —


KUSELIAS: — and you play Carolina, who is an upstart team, and you score three points on offense, in your building, when you’re a favored in the NFC Championship Game, to me that started the slide there.

RUSH: All right, so, they’re continuing to hammer Donovan McNabb. One of the things that I didn’t do was hammer and beat McNabb down when he was hurt. These guys are just jumping on McNabb. He’s got a bum ankle. He’s coming off a rebuilt knee. He’s got a jammed thumb. He hasn’t practiced for two days this week. He’s probably not going to be able to play this week. He wasn’t able to play last week. Now these guys at ESPN dump on him, when he’s injured, and when he’s hurt! Now they’re saying he’s overrated. I guess if you’re an ESPN Radio or television host you can sit here and say he’s overrated when he can’t play well because he’s hurt, but you can’t say he’s overrated because the media are overrating him because they have some social-justice desire. Golic had the final word on this.

GOLIC: I don’t think he’s overrated. I disagree with you. I think he’s inconsistent, and I think part of that is the knee injury. I think that hurt him at the beginning of the season.

RUSH: And there you have it. So Golic at least a little compassion for the Philadelphia Eagle quarterback, Donovan McNabb. By the way, the sports Drive-Bys are all running around speculating this is his last year in Philadelphia anyway. It’s over. Feely is doing well. They drafted this quarterback in the first round this year, and gotta groom this guy. Poor McNabb is being savaged by the Drive-By sports media all season long, not by me.


RUSH: Okay, you know, folks, I think I’m getting closer to being able to retire, because apparently now ESPN agrees with me after all these years, since 2003, that Donovan McNabb is overrated. See, this is the kind of progress that can be made if you stick to your principles, don’t cave, when you know you’re right, doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks or says, stick with it.

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