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Rush’s Morning Update: Merry Warming
December 3, 2007

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Greg Nickels, the liberal Mayor of Seattle, Washington, used this year’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony to scare kids. (That’s your liberals, folks — scaring kids.)He told the kids ofSeattle that Santa Claus, his elves, and all of his reindeer would die— by drowning– unless the kids used energy-efficient light bulbsto stop the North Pole from melting.

This mayor –thisenvironmentalistnut-job –also wrote a public letter to Santa. Here are some excerpts: “Talk about thin ice! It sounds like you had one doozy of a summer up in the North Pole, and quite frankly I’m worried. I read the stories how the arctic sea ice shrank to a record low this year and that scientists are pointing the finger at global warming. Some say that if we don’t do something to cut greenhouse gas emissions soon, the North Pole might be ice free in summer as early as 2030. [Now, Santa, your] reindeer fly, but can they swim too?”

Then… the Mayor goes on to tell Santa thathe’s really proud that Seattle’s “making progress on protecting our climate… and the North Pole.” And he wished the federal government could say the same. He suggests that Santa oughta “skip the lump of coal in the White House stocking this year” because “someone there might use it to start a new coal-fired power plant.”

Uh, folks,Americans once celebrated Christmas as a religious holiday. Now, for crazed liberals, it’s an opportunity to scare — kids! –and give mean-spirited, junk-science, partisan sermonshonoring their new god… which isGlobal Warming.

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