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RUSH: I played the best round of golf in my life on Saturday. It was such a hoot. I was hitting the ball farther than I’ve ever hit it in my life. I was hitting the ball more accurately than I have ever hit it in my life. I was putting better than I have ever put it in my life, on a very challenging and difficult golf course, and I played with people who have seen me play before, and they were stunned. Frankly, they were stunned. They just couldn’t believe it. I was playing with a good friend who I’ve not played golf with before, ‘Buddy’ Marucci. Buddy took Tiger Woods to three playoff holes, I believe, in the US Amateur in 1995 or ’96 at Newport Country Club, and Buddy is a scratch golfer, and he and I were teamed against three other guys, and when we started out, I said, ‘This is unfair to Buddy. It’s like three against one-and-a-half given, my game.’ I think we were one down going into 18, and I got a four net three, pfft! A wash — we were playing, a $20 close-out — a total wash. Folks, I was so jazzed. I said, ‘I’m going to go play tomorrow, which was Sunday,’ and you know what happened. (laughing) I went out, played Sunday, and it’s like I had never played the game before, and I’m doing everything that I thought I was doing the day before, and it just wasn’t working. Of course, I had a bad attitude. I was mad as hell because when I got to the course, they said, ‘Cart paths only.’

I said, ‘What? Cart paths only? It’s not wet out there.’

‘Well, we just seeded the fairways. We’ve over-seeded. You can’t drive on the fairways.’

‘Oh, come on.’

That means you spent the day trying to hit the ball near cart paths, so I wouldn’t have to walk with four or five clubs a hundred yards from the cart path to where the ball might be. I was just fuming all day long over this. I got home about four o’clock. I turned on the Giants and the Bears game, and then watched the Steelers and the Bengals last night. It was such a hoot on Saturday. I gotta go out again and see if I can replicate, because I was in such a foul mood. I mean, when I got to the golf course on Sunday, I was in a cool mood, hubba hubba, looking forward to it. Then I heard the cart-paths-only rule, and it was not good. You gotta overcome the mental obstacles, and I failed to do that, and that’s one of the great things about golf: It presents so many different things.

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