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RUSH: Jack in Glenford, Ohio, nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Keep up the good work.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I surely enjoyed this month’s Limbaugh Letter, December, about Economics 101, and especially this article about Governor Bobby Jindal.

RUSH: Yeah, the interview with Bobby Jindal. Was that not great in this thing? And those questions that I asked were among some of the finest anybody’s ever been asked, and they drew him out.

CALLER: That’s for sure —

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: — and it just got me to thinking, the US public is longing for someone that will not waffle — or stand up for right, and just like the liberals have no absolutes, so they don’t know what’s right or wrong, and I’m also tired of the minorities being offended. I say, ‘Suck it up or leave this wonderful society.’

RUSH: Well, not just minorities. You know, I have a big bugaboo about people that run around being offended all the time. I think it’s destructive, and I hate the fact that they’ve got power. The Offended can shut down anything that offends them. Being offended has become a liberal industry. But I’ll tell you something: I’m glad that you liked the Bobby Jindal interview, because he was fabulous. It’s in the current issue of the Limbaugh Letter, the most widely read newsletter, political newsletter, in the country. He was unstoppable. He was on fire during the whole interview. Questions, of course, are well worth reading, too, but what he said… (laughing) About this offended business, folks, I’ve been through this riff once before, couple times, maybe, but I want to go through this again because The Offended in our society are shutting a lot of things down: People offended by the color of ice cream, people offended by the temperature of coffee, people offended by what they claim to be able to smell cigar smoke from miles away or, you know, hundreds of feet away! To be offended is to grant all kinds of other people power over the way you feel about things, and it’s not worth that. I wouldn’t any more give anybody the right to offend me — especially with words! Words? People are running around geting all blown out of proportion over words?

‘That offends me!’

Good, be offended! If you want to ruin your life, you want to give people that kind of power to offend you and make you feel a certain way, go ahead. But it’s not… I would take pride if I were you, in not being offended by people and by things that they say. It’s just a waste of energy. It grants them way too much power, more than they deserve.

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